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Oh no, I'll try to fix it..

This is sooooooo nice!!! I LOVE the music!!!!!!

Thanks a lot!! I also subscribed if you don't mind!!

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Hey there!! I was wondering how you managed to implement the enemy's AI and it's attack and drop? Also, how did you make signs and the bomb explode? It would be best if you would link a tutorial! THANKS!!

It's okay. Im still new to gamedev too

Great game my friend, looks a game I would make a long time ago!

This has a nice plot to it, it's almost the same as mine which I made for another game jam! (Here if you want:  You could use some post-processing (Just slightly) and could use better textures for the transition to the darkness, but overall it's a great game!!!

Yo this kid is so innocent, I feel bad for him if he gets anxiety attacks :(

Btw. This is rated 16+ and if you are younger then probs you won't take the deaths easily. Most likely a 1 week nightmare and become traumatized for the rest of your life. (Or until you grow up)

Will download later since I am on phone rn, but seems to have a lot of potential

Still though, its a nice game!



Lemme guess, did you watch Brackeys 3D tutorial??

This game was fun to play and has a lot of potential!

Nice! I also faced this stage of game-dev. Cause I'm still a noob too! :)

This Game has A lot of potential!!!


This game is good!! it reminds me of those nice side-scrolling arcade games i used to play!

Actually never released this game lol.

And by my name, I still don't know how to do anything good that can be payed lol.


Nice Game!