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Thank you for the feedback! For the rune system, I attempted to make the runes seem out-of-place compared to the more modern-looking tanks and setting, but I do understand that it could be more intuitive. The new game plus mode was more of something to give maybe a little bit of fun for the player upon completion and with the way I structured the project took about 5 minutes to implement haha. Maybe I should cut out things like that and stick to only the core gameplay next time.

Thank you again for the feedback as I believe you are the creator of the pirate tower defense game that I had a lot of fun with, definitely top 3 favorite of the jam. Your feedback means a lot to me!

Very luck-based but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Fantastic game! The gameplay is simple and fun. I love the music but wish there was a volume slider as it scared me when it started. The zombie dance is hilarious to watch!

It's a 2D platformer with great controls and groan-worthy puns. I love how goofy the game feels! I hope that you continue working on this!

Fantastic game! Love the sound design, music, and gameplay. The shader that you made adds a lot to the graphics quality. Having moving towers in a tower defense game adds a surprising amount of entertainment value while spectating. I hope that you continue working on this game!

Great game! Gameplay feels very fresh. The concept is hilarious!

Interesting concept with a lot of potential. I love the intuitive gameplay. I hope that you continue working on this project!

Definitely has potential. Controls feel great. I hope you continue to work on it!

Great game! The background and machine itself are very "comfy-looking". The gameplay feels fresh. I would've never thought to add a skill element to a slot machine!

Fantastic game! The aesthetic is very pleasing and the gameplay is quick, easy-to-learn, and addicting!