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Cute little game! For a first game is really good

Yeah, it was rushed, I made it in an hour, on the last day. Not really play tested also, need to manage better my time. Thanks for going back to test it though.

Interesting, did you zoom out and move the câmera around? You're not the first, I should have made an Arrow or something like that. Thanks for the input

Wow, this was really fun. Love the music and the fast pace. Didnt really understand what to do at first but after a couple plays I eventually learned. Didnt know that you could use shift to slow down, that would've been useful, maybe something to explain it would be cool.

Very cool idea, had me addicted. Always going for the leucocytes creating a barrier and using the slo-mo wisely. Cool and chill music. Very good

Really liked the art, and the story seems pretty cool. Got stuck though, I didnt know what to do.

Really liked the newspaper, but from the title I was getting different vibes, like a mistery.

I liked the game, made feel kinda like europa universalis with the events and options. But it felt kinda monotunous after a while. I enjoyed the music as well.

you had to zoom out to find the Castle on the top of the map. I kinda rushed it so ir didnt come out how I wanted. It is winnable but it takes a few plays. Thank you very much for the comments though, ir means a lot

Cool game, especially for a first game. Had a hard time figuring out how to kill bots without being a kamikaze. Good visuals and music

This is really awsome! It wasn't as much of a game as it was an experience but it's cool. WOW, people are really creative, that's all I have to say. GJ