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Thanks! :)

I aimed for old-school difficulty and that glowing ball (core) is there to offset some of it, once certain conditions are met.

Binary Void version 1.3 is available.

Along with Advanced Invaders new version 1.3, an update to version 1.2 for Binary Void is available.

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Advanced Invaders is updated to version 1.3:

  • Performance improvements for Android version
  • ARM64 support added for Android version
  • Added Android adaptive icon
  • Alien bomber yields more points
  • Some additional minor polish

It's mostly related to Android version of the game.

Binary Void just got updated to version 1.1 and Advanced Invaders is free at the moment, so you can try the game upon which this tutorial project is based! :)

A sort of expansion is available for Advanced Invaders. Could be interesting to those interested in game development :)

Binary Void is а tutorial template Unity game project, derived from Advanced Invaders. Nearly everything that Advanced Invaders game offers you can learn how to make in Unity, with the help of this, in-detail explained, project. It comes with various assets, which include 6800 lines of organized and commented C# code and a 90-page PDF walkthrough that explains all those assets, in approachable and friendly way to common gaming folk. This project features and explains a lot of elements useful for variety of games as well as that general structure that often accompany games of whatever genre (such as saving stuff in files, tweaking options, rebinding controls within the game, etc.).

Check Advanced Invaders ITCH.IO page to find out more.

Oh and Advanced Invaders is on 50% discount for a week in honor of Binary Void release! :)

The game is free for a week!

Also new 1.2 version is available. In this update:

  • Added a blinking halo effect on weapon boxes.
  • The core will not anymore destroy alien bomber.
  • A bug in alien bomber’s move procedure has been fixed.
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements.

New version of the game v1.1 is available. This is the list of improvements in the update:

  • Fix for ultra wide aspect ratio (21:9)
  • Subtle improvement in Mars background scenery
  • Various smaller fixes

The game is on new year discount of 40% that will last for a week :)

Hi everyone! My first game on ITCH.IO is up and running.

In short, this game is a classic arcade game with campaign through Solar system and retro-style action :)

Advanced Invaders is similar to Space Invaders. It is a challenging shoot 'em up game in style of retro arcade machines. It features a sci-fi campaign through Solar system (intro-levels-outro), multiple weapons, enemies, bosses and some surprises.

The player is in control of a ground vehicle, with objective to shoot down all hostile formations on the battlefield. Depending on player's performance, various aid (like weapon boxes or force shields) will be deployed on the field during the battle. Only when all swarms of invaders are destroyed, the player can proceed to the next level, unless enemy capital ship (AKA boss) decides to show up.

Find out more at ITCH.IO page:

You can also visit the homepage:

All in all this is my second game so far, but first one ever to be published. You can find out more about my other, open source, work at Just Gameware webpage :)