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Hi Tigerskunk, thanks for the game! And greetings from Finland!

As a gamer who has played tons of SHMUPs, this one is pretty good. Catchy music, varied levels, nice organic designs and decent difficulty. And for the Amiga! That’s something I like to support!

I just beat the game with my real PAL Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM and with Gotek. Everything worked nicely!

There is only one area I like to point out: the collision detection. 95% of the time it’s fine! But I ran into some spots that seemed to work little odd.

1. Third boss, you could hit the boss even when shooting way under past it. Also there was some invisible things (not bullets) killing you when travelled little closer to the right.

2. Fourth boss would not play any sound or flashing when damaged, so I was totally mystified in the beginning if I was even shooting it in the right place. Well, I guess I was when the boss eventually died.

3. Last level with the big ship, I once hit an invisible wall (or something) when I destroyed the two guns on the front and flew above the ship. I just died in thin air, not really even close to the ship. That was truly surprising. After that I was a bit afraid of these invisible killers.

4. First boss stops shooting after it dies but I think almost all other bosses shoot even after dying. Something I found little inconsistent.

5. The second level has some nice curved organic level design, l like it! But it seems quite hard to know which shapes you can touch and which will kill you because it varies a lot. No really a big problem, you can shoot the shapes and figure it out that way. But some improved consistency in the sprite shapes and the real collision detection would be nice!

All in all, good little game! I’m amazed that these new games are still made to these older computers and consoles. It really makes me happy!

I hope you keep on working on new stuff like Inviyya.

Hi RetroSouls! Greetings from Finland! 

Just completed the game and can report that it worked perfectly from start to finish with Mega Everdrive X5 played on oldest version of Sega Genesis console (FCC ID: FJ846EUSASEGA). Good game, just made a donation for it! :-)