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A member registered Dec 29, 2021

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excellent game! the level design was fantastic and the puzzles were just frustrating enough to keep me invested without rage quitting. the graphics are simple but fit it perfectly.  great work :)

big fan of the slow descent into madness/horror here, really creative concept :) 

Very smooth and enjoyable gameplay. There were a few minor bugs I encountered, mostly with the gravity acting funky when transitioning between screens (screenshot included, where I was able to just walk off screen when upside-down). Would also love to see a level selection menu with completion percentage for the purple pellets. Great game overall!

just got all the words - it was surprisingly addicting and fun! great work, loved the art and the concept as a whole

Just the platform. It seems possible for all of the levels with the moving platforms

clipped out of bounds

I've played a few levels now and it's very enjoyable and surprisingly hard at first. If anything, I'd love if there was a way to cross out squares that I know are incorrect, and if there were more difficult modes, maybe involving negative numbers or something. The zero squares also seem unnecessary, considering how they don't actually do anything. Pretty fun overall!