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Cool, but I would suggest to add some women options, too.

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Hi! Both heroes will have to collaborate at that point. If the ranger freezes the monster that is right above the flames, maybe the mage can advance a little further.... ;)

Hmm it's weird that it fails sometimes... maybe it's something with this site. Make sure you go back to the map and wait a few seconds before closing the window, maybe it will help.

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" The mighty ñ / Ñ "

LOL  Great font!

Let's focus on killing the minions he summons as soon as they appear (charging mana as the last action of the previous turn does help).

Yes, it should do it.   o_o

Hmm... no tildes or other international symbols, right?

Cool!  :-)

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Hi.  Have you read kon-el's comment?  ;)

Great! Thanks for the update, I have been waiting for the interiors :)

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Nice concept! Some suggestions:

- Currently, shields and heal are almost the same, I would consider that the player's shields are only worth for the current attack (that is, what is left over is lost). That would differentiate more both actions, and also would make the game more tactical. In the case of enemies I don't know if it would work the same way.

- Make it possible to consult which die is which, among the ones you have rolled, so you can choose wich one to roll again. In many occasions you can't tell just by looking at the visible faces.

- Another way to balance the multiplier faces can be to make their price rise (double?) with every purchase (and probably you dont need the x4 option).

In any case, good luck with the final game, if you make it.

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I see. I will take a look to that weather effects pack, thank you!

What a beautiful asset!

I have an issue, however: I am using the light-green grass as main ground, and then adding patches of dark-green, earth, stone o leaves. But now I want to add snow, and it seems there is no transition from light-green to snow, right?

Any possibility of adding it in the near future? (the other terrain types have transition to snow. That is the only one without it).

Oh, right, I was thinking of that cogwheel just as an icon for an options button, when this pack is more for game items. Thanks, I think that "Menu Basicset" or "Option Menu Designer Kit" is what I was looking for.

Great this 16x16 version :), but could you check if you can improve the gear icon? I think it's hard to recognize what it is. Maybe it doesn't need to be a faithful version of the higher resolution ones, if that helps.


Hi. I like the portrait. is it included? There is more? or do you have more as an standalone pack?

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haha! There IS actually a bonus level, and you can get to that diamond. Not all walls are as solid as they seem, you just need to find the "right" way (although I admit that it is a bit tricky).


The game is a bit demanding, but it can be done :)

wonderful icons! but check the title ;)

Simply incredible, great job!

A suggestion: separate "new image" buttons for each layer (stars, nebula...) for regenerate just that layer, while keeping the rest.

oh that's cool, thanks. I would suggest to have it "on" by default.

Very cool. Maybe some visual indications would help to understand... like showing the valid squares when you click (or drag) on a piece to move.

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Oh what a shame, thanks anyway.

I love the style of these icons. Is there also a 16x16 version of them, as I have seen in other of your packs?

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Great! is there a way to set it as my favorite control scheme?

- keyboard for: forward / back / strafe

- mouse for: turn & fire.

EDIT: Oh! forget it! I was using cursor keys. With ESDF (as recomended) is perfect!

Does the world map tiles include water? (coast tiles, river...)

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Thanks :) I'm glad you like it. About the orange enemy... it is a lava golem, so you cannot burn it with fire. But it can be affected by ice ;)

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Hi all,

This is my first project at It's a platformer where you have to use the magic powers of different bows to solve the dungeon puzzles and grab all the gems. It features Time Mode, and has a bonus level.

You can play with your browser here:

Enjoy :)

It is shown after clicking on the "Download" button from the "my purchases" page.