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Oh, right, I was thinking of that cogwheel just as an icon for an options button, when this pack is more for game items. Thanks, I think that "Menu Basicset" or "Option Menu Designer Kit" is what I was looking for.

Great this 16x16 version :), but could you check if you can improve the gear icon? I think it's hard to recognize what it is. Maybe it doesn't need to be a faithful version of the higher resolution ones, if that helps.


Hi. I like the portrait. is it included? There is more? or do you have more as an standalone pack?

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haha! There IS actually a bonus level, and you can get to that diamond. Not all walls are as solid as they seem, you just need to find the "right" way (although I admit that it is a bit tricky).


The game is a bit demanding, but it can be done :)

wonderful icons! but check the title ;)

Simply incredible, great job!

A suggestion: separate "new image" buttons for each layer (stars, nebula...) for regenerate just that layer, while keeping the rest.

oh that's cool, thanks. I would suggest to have it "on" by default.

Very cool. Maybe some visual indications would help to understand... like showing the valid squares when you click (or drag) on a piece to move.

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Oh what a shame, thanks anyway.

I love the style of these icons. Is there also a 16x16 version of them, as I have seen in other of your packs?

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Great! is there a way to set it as my favorite control scheme?

- keyboard for: forward / back / strafe

- mouse for: turn & fire.

EDIT: Oh! forget it! I was using cursor keys. With ESDF (as recomended) is perfect!

Does the world map tiles include water? (coast tiles, river...)

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Thanks :) I'm glad you like it. About the orange enemy... it is a lava golem, so you cannot burn it with fire. But it can be affected by ice ;)

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Hi all,

This is my first project at It's a platformer where you have to use the magic powers of different bows to solve the dungeon puzzles and grab all the gems. It features Time Mode, and has a bonus level.

You can play with your browser here:

Enjoy :)

It is shown after clicking on the "Download" button from the "my purchases" page.