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Juniper Sky

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Thanks, that seems to have worked.

Actually I tried using the discord link I recieved and it says 'Invite Invalid'. I assume this is because it's expired (I got it a couple of months ago). Do I need another invite?


Thanks! I haven't gotten many responses about the game, so I'm really glad to hear you like it.

Thanks! Hearing something like that really encourages me to keep working at it.

Did you try the solution below?

To the right you should see instructions. They're different between Vive and Rift, but basically they tell you the button to press to select things from a distance. Then point the controller at the Start Game button, then release the button. That should work, reply if it doesn't.

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I've afraid there not a non-VR version of this game on the horizon. Maybe after Juniper Sky is done I might consider it, but that's a few years out.

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I did have a hidden object game that's 3D but non-VR that I never finished.You can see a screenshot at I might go back to it sometime if there's interest.