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Glad you are enjoying it. App Sharing should already be enabled but I notice it has been raised with a few developer's games today so we will test it and contact Oculus.  I can assure you that we are all onboard with App Sharing so it should get resolved. Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

Do you have access to a PC or laptop? If you do you can follow this video: 

Or are you needing to do it all from Quest? If so I would need to do a software change to support that, which would be a good idea.

Hi, I've been informed that your refund has now been processed so it should be back in your account shortly :)

Hi, yes you do need a computer to install it via a program called SideQuest. The same applies to all Quest games on I will request a refund for you from which will probably take a few days to process. Early this year Oculus are changing how this all works so I will be able to provide the game to you and allow it to be installed directly from Oculus. So please check back in a month or two :)

Thanks for your interest in the game.

I've sent you an email to help resolve the issue.

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Have you successfilly installed other games using SideQuest? You can email me at for more help. Thanks.

Hi, progress is automatically saved, so if you exit during a jigsaw you get the option to resume it the next time you start the game. Try it after putting a couple of pieces in to see how it works. So yes, save files are supported. I will add your other request to my list of feature requests. Thanks for playing :)

Hi, the latest release available now should allow you to use photos of different sizes. It will rescale the photo to make it fit the required proportions and add a pattern to fill any gaps left around the edges so you can still complete the whole jigsaw. This will work better in the flat jigsaws as there will be some distortion when its wrapped around the sphere, but it still lets you do it. I hope that's OK.

From my stats on Oculus Home (Rift / Go version) fewer people complete the 162 piece puzzle, but I would like to do tests with more pieces. I need to make sure that I don't make the pieces so small that you can't see enough detail. In the meantime you can make it a more difficult by going into settings and hiding the outlines. That way you have to work your way in from the edges. You can also hide the background so you don't have the original image to refer too.


You can use the following image as a template. Right click on it and choose to save it. 

When you have the template you can scale and arrange your photos over the black areas. This matches what appears in your flat jigsaw. The white areas are cropped off. If your photo doesn't fill all the black area you will want a nice background texture or another photo to fill the black gaps. In a future version I hope to automate this so it scales and centres your photo over a standard background. 

Jigsaw Template

Yes you could take a picture of the box and solve it in the flat version. I plan to make this easier in the future but at the moment I have a template that can help you layout the photo to fit the jigsaw. I am away from my pc at the moment but will reply with more details tomorrow.  :)

That's great to hear and thank you for the tip :)

Can we please have ways for developers to tag their games as being for the Oculus Quest hardware so owners can easily find our games.  In Meta Data there is "Input Methods" which currently includes Oculus Rift. Maybe add Oculus Quest there. Any other filter methods would be appreciated.