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Julius de Blaaij

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Hello there, I'm glad you liked it!
I have fixed the third person camera, and I would love it if you'd play the game if I release the new version.
I will reply back to you if that's the case.

I'm glas that you find it interesting.
Could you please provide info on the aspects that you found interesting, and any parts that you didn't?
Kind regards,

Well I do put way to much time into making it haha,
the asset store and sites like 3D warehouse (free royalty free 3D models) go a long way.

Using Unity's lovely Standard Assets, I've been able to create nice third person character controllers.
After small tweaks to the source code they now sync using Photon.

I am happy that the Old Man model also works wonderfully with the standard animations.

Next up

As I stated in the first post, now will be the time to get the actual digging and death mechanic working for the Old Man. Followed by the dig up mechanic of the soldier.

Hello, I've been thinking of posting my progress on Occultatum. Occultatum will be a competative 2 player game where set in ancient Rome! One player is nearly dying, and tries to bury their life's treasure as a legacy for their family, the other player is a Roman tax collector hell bent on getting those gratifying coins!

The tax collector scouts the map for the Old Man's treasure, and can even arrest the Old Man. The Old Man, well, digs and hides and digs and hides.

As they say,
one man's death is another man's taxes!

My development progress thus far

Multiplayer is working!

My first order of business was getting multiplayer working, for this I created a template project for futurte use, making use of the Photon Networking package.

After scouring the internet for free models, I had settled on this midieval man. While not "approprite", he fit my needs. 
I did have to learn rigging and weight painting, which can be a challenge.

Next up

I will get basic walking animation working, after that it's off to the races to get both characters in multiplayer.
Then I'll add the Old Man's digging and death mechanics and the Tax Collectors repo mechanic.

Hi Don, thank you for playing.

I will update the comments to reflect that you need to go to a door of the train, also I forgot about fixing the train collision haha.

Thank you for the encouragement.

I'm really glad you liked it! Tbanks for putting me in the video!

Thank you for your review, I liked your game too. My last project was also plagued by the controls, I guess you just can`t rely on trusty old Unity physics to have decent controls... The music isn`t mine though as evidenced by the credits.  I hope you have fun rating the other entries :)

I like the concept although I would advice the spacebar to be reserved for flying upwards. The model of the ball is nice, a shame though that you used the assets from the lighting package. They are fitting though.

I like the concept, but because the camera doesn`t rotate with you it gets annoying to drive in the direction you want to. Nice music aswell.

Loved the shading on your characters, I even spotted some "red/blue edge" effects.  Awesome

Thank you for your review, I almost thought some of the extra ways were unclear, happy that they're not. Please leave a rating if you haven't yet as I need those aswell. Enjoy the other entries :)

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There isn`t, but you can use WASD to move, (W and Space are jump) you can use the mouse to draw platforms. You must reach the lightgreen square each level. Thank you for playing aswell :)

Very funny game, fitting artstykle and a lovely story :)

Thank you for your feedback, I will keeo it in mind and perhaps redesign that part after the jam. Thank you very much for playing :)

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Very interesting thought, I will implement it asap after the voting is over, to keep things fair.

Thanks for your feedback

An intense and interesting take on the murderer concept, I've never considered it as an art, but this gets me thinking (disturbingly enough).

Hi there Sherjil! Thanks for your feedback, the Inspiration Shards are the rotating white objects (also displayed next to the controls text). Collect them both and head to the brain to finish the game. On your death the shards remain in your possesion. Enjoy your second attempt :)