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Discover what inspires me whilst avoiding obstacles!
Submitted by Julius de Blaaij — 7 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline

Play themed survival

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Sound Effects#662.6322.632

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What INSPIRED this game?
Everything! The game shows all the things that inspire me to make games: games, feelings, lust, nature, the enviroment and dreams.

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)

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I love the concept, love the originality. The graphics and sound I love as well, very Atari 2600, and that was one of the first game systems I played as a kid. My only issue was collision detection, especially with the walls, I could understand the environmental hazards/enemies. 


Thank you for your feedback, I will keeo it in mind and perhaps redesign that part after the jam. Thank you very much for playing :)


This game's not bad at all. It just feels super aggressive as far as hit detection, although I noticed it's actually not unfair, it just feels that way because of the slipping and sliding and the fact that it instantly teleports you back to the start. All these factors combined make the player's brain register failure before registering hitting a hazard. You could mitigate this by playing some sort of short flashing animation on the character for a split second before moving them back to the beginning, so the player can indeed confirm that they were out of bounds.

Developer (1 edit)

Very interesting thought, I will implement it asap after the voting is over, to keep things fair.

Thanks for your feedback

Submitted (1 edit)

This is challenging and unforgiving game, with large collision boxes. Perhaps that's intentional. I don't really know what "inspiration shards" look like, so I was just trying to reach the brain without hitting obstacles, which even though it's just half the game, was FUN! I would have had twice the fun if I knew what inspiration shards looked like. Please help.

Great take on the theme, btw. And loved the traverse-the-human-body concept. Keep making games!


Hi there Sherjil! Thanks for your feedback, the Inspiration Shards are the rotating white objects (also displayed next to the controls text). Collect them both and head to the brain to finish the game. On your death the shards remain in your possesion. Enjoy your second attempt :)