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Hello I got this in a bundle, do you mind detailing what license this cup and other assets of yours use? May we use it in personal or commercial games, and is credit required?  I don't currently use 3D assets, but for people that do that could be very relevant information. Thank you for adding this though, it's a lovely and well polished model!

Is there any way for people who bought the bundles with it to still receive the product? I didn't really get into the physical games of the bundles till recently and I feel bad for missing out on a possible horror/spooky one just because I didn't download it early enough.

You are a genuine lifesaver, thank you for this! I just rediscovered all my old art as sai files and there are literally over 5000, so this will help sort and organize it!

Please fix the bug where audio and text disappears from characters you're talking to, where it is only fixable by starting a new save. I literally thought I was playing a subversive horror game for about ten mins because I had just passed the part where they discussed existence, not wanting to live, and the part asking about fathers and families, which then lead me to specify the meanings of words for "delicious" and other consuming vocabulary, followed by getting to it requesting the meanings of words such as "otherside" etc. I really adore the concept of this project, and would love to play this while practicing on Duolingo as I'm a more tactical learner and this game would be perfect for me.

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Really cute romance game, with some really nice world building despite a fairly satirical setting! Pretty funny and relatable, though the MC choices are a bit too shrimpy for my liking (it's still alright and doesn't completely remove me from the experience.) I can't really write on the story due to spoilers, but ultimately I just want to say Act 2 opens up all the characters a lot better than Act 1, so even the unlikable characters start to gain some favor.

The whole plot is incredibly short at this point (I burned through it in 2 hours.) but more to come overtime and you can replay for different scenes, responses, and romance currently. It's not perfect, but it's definitely a nice breath of fresh air while sticking to a lot of commonplace troupes and genre favorites. 

The game is currently in alpha, but has a really nice bone to it is pretty fun. This is actually a really cool setup for a racing/exploration game with surprisingly pretty graphics, with strangely roblox styled character modeling but otherwise still nice looking. Weirdly enough, the game has a nice relaxing vibe to it when you’re not racing for cash.

On the issues though, the camera sensitivity is a major issue, but can be adjusted quite easily in the menu. My main complaints is that the controls in general are too sensitive (please note, I'm using keyboard), as well as the lowest visual settings are still pretty mid-tier and may use up a lot of graphics card stuff. Lastly on issues, it seems to be missing music, auditory ambiance (crickets, wind, grass moving noises, etc.)  Despite all of this, I have no doubt this game will only get better as it's updated, and should be a fairly well-rounded game.

A pretty simple concept with some fun mechanics, leading to an interesting game that's pretty worth the buck. If you like score-based arcade games too, this is pretty worth it for replay value.

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Simple, cute, and fun arcade style game with a short "story mode" as well as a "arcade mode" for various playstyles. The art and music is nice, though there is a black square outline to the main character not present on other sprites which seems odd.

Ultimately, a very well executed game, each "run" takes about 10 minutes but the game can be played repeatedly for higher scores. I could imagine playing this on an actual arcade machine, as it's so well done and looks the part.

A really cute and surprisingly fun game with unexpectedly intricate and good music in a vague but nicely interpretable world. Really reminds me of old-school Atari games in term of gameplay, and was simply a good time.  My only complaint is that it's a bit easy to get lost, a map that you fill out over gameplay would have been nice but otherwise it's definitely fun and well-made.

More island types and make some more common/rare then others (I.E. a rare "withered" biome where only monsters are.

More monsters (skeletons, slimes, anything really than just red, blue, and yellow wasps)

Water (Ponds, waterfalls from some islands) 

Ivy/vines hanging from some islands.

More "decorative" things such as craftable flowerpots.

Love the game so far though, it looks amazing and is really fun dude!

This is an incredibly ingenious game with a simple premise and fun design, however it's just two inches short of a full game to me. Lacking any way to go to a "menu" and even exit the game without needing to right click the program from the taskbar, as well as the fact I apparently beat it in under 7 minutes my first run makes me worry a bit for people coming into the game with more strict expectations.

 I had a exceedingly fun time playing this and I really love the art, concept, and execution, but I would request the dev to add a menu and exit ability (especially after finishing the game), and consider expanding upon the concept of the game and make a full story and adventure game with it (even if it was something simple, that additional "You must save the Princess!" and "Your princess is in another castle" gives it that tiny extra layer of detail for good fun.)

For now, this is definitely worth the 2$ investment for a unique experience and to further support the dev. It's is amazing to consider this is the first upload by them onto Itchio, so it's probably worth following them to see more games from them as I expect this creator to only get better with time.

Pretty fun and simple town simulator, but I think it needs additional complexity such as "roads", "foodsources" (farms?), and more personalizable buildings which make each town or area of a town unique such as "libraries", "restaurants," "schools", "factories". However, as of right now as well as with how responsive the dev is, this game seems really worth the dollar investment and I'm excited to see how this game goes over time!

I agree with Farmer Thanos on all their points, as well as I am quite excited to hear the upcoming updates from the dev! I know this is a indie game probably by literally just one person or at most a small group of people, so I get it might take a while, but I hope to see more from you/y'all soon!

Also on the topic of zombies, slimes, skeletons, etc. yeah they're common in all groups, just make sure to have your own personalized style for them all. For me, the slimes are a bit too simplified of a design, perhaps just adding tin-tin eyes or snail-stalk eyes or something would make them a bit more creative.

Some feedback notes:

I really like how during character creation there is no "boy" or "girl" model, just androgynous with different hairs/haircolors, skintones, and shirt colors.  Simple, effective, and to the point without over complications or sex-segregation of certain styles.

The fighting mechanics was a bit confusing to understand at first, but pretty fun!  I really enjoy the level-up tree stuff.

 I think having a tutorial video of some kind featured on the main page would also help, as I was a bit lost when I first started the game.

The top down style is really cool and makes for a very unique survival craft game with the tower defensive additive, however, I can't see the difference between stone I can mine vs stone I just walk over. 

Apparently there was a day cycle, but it did not become apparent other than by a text blurb. (I quit shortly thereafter, but there may be visual changes)

Having an organized craft menu for the different items that expand when clicked would be nice (I.E. "arrow turret>wood-stone-etc.", ) as the current layout is very cluttered.

All in all, I'm super excited to see how this game pans out as it could be really fun and very unique! Hope to see the big updates soon enough, I dig the concept and would love to see this project go further.