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Is there an english version of this? Looks amazing!!! This artstyle looks incredible!

This artstyle is perfect. Can't wait to play this.

I loved the "Limbo" vibe of it. Nicely well done.
Vocês são brasileiros? Parabéns, gente! Adorei o logo do estúdio! Vou baixar os outros jogos que tem lá para dar uma conferida. Fico sempre feliz em ver desenvolvedores br por aqui.

This was lovely.

That's a really cool artstyle!

lol, that's the idea! 

Apesar de curtinho, e com pouca interatividade, foi uma experiência muito linda! Eu curti muito. A história é sensível e muito necessária! Parabéns!

This was a short, but a really nice experience! I loved it! The concept is kinda amazing, if you are new at making games and wanted to do something simple, but effective. Thank you for the incredible game!

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Honestly, I think if you're into RPGs, then RPG Maker is a really great engine, with lots of plugins avaiable for free. The layout of the program is totally friendly and you don't need to code anything. For beginners, I think this is the thing that makes diference.
If you're into something with more control, with light coding but still something easy, then I would sugest you try Gamemaker. There's a lot of templates you can buy and learn from them. Hope that helps.

Wow. This game is BEAUTIFUL!

I would love to play the series in Portuguese! I'm in love with this game!

This game is really amazing. Great work!

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This is a really good game! The ambience and atmosphere are really disturbing. There's an amazing sound design you did in your game. The pixel art are amazing too.

I cant interact with anything :(
But I loved the game , concept and art though