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Hi, Unfortunately I don't have access to linux or mac at this time, so I don't really know when I'll get to play this. Is there a chance you might be able to possibl work on a windows version that's accessible? Also, how does the general gameplay of this game work? I'd love to learn more.

Hi, I'm using the free screen reader NVDA on windows, and NVDA thinks that every single letter is in it's own column, so instead of saying "alure of the stars", it says "column 1 a column 2 l" etc etc. This literally makes the game unplayable. A good example is the first screen, where "press any key" is spelt out, not said. I'm wondering if anything could be done about this. This is in the browser version, but I'm wondering if also a binary could be set up perhaps so that the browser version isn't compromised, or if this can just be looked into for all versions in trying to fix.

That's true. I've really been enjoying my time with this game! I'll have a think about what we could do with the tooltips as another option.

hmmm, this might take a little more coding, but would also, I think, fit the game's world very well without breaking immersion. Whilst you can go to the data tab which shows the amount of data you're collecting and the types of things you're exploring, I have seriously noticed something oddly missing: the teretories aren't being charted/logged for future generations to examine or even for the ship's crew to examine. There's no summary of your adventure for you to look at as you go! So...

what about an extra tab, log? It'd briefly summarise what happened saying "<planet name>: discovered <type of anomoly>, gaining <amount of data> <data type(s)>, and summarising any crew traits? If the log gets too big, there could be a clear button if anyone thinks it's getting too large. This might also help at the end of the game withthe table before someone clicks new game they could go to the log to see a brief summary of their journey. The only thing is, I don't know what the log could say when the ship returns to bass, unless it just says <ship name> returns to Kyron bass with <amount of data> data types and <amount of crew>.

The log tab could be put just before the settings tab.

The settings lets you modify what's included in the log, clear it outright, etc, or even disable it. The log tab could have a clear button (with confirmation) as to prevent accidental clearing. The log type could be set to story or gaming. The story type would just say that they're embarking without listing levels, but will list traits. The gaming or whatever the other type is called, could list everything including exp gained. A lot more work but would provide options for everyone. Here is what the story type could look like.

<>: travelling through the Chiron gate for the <number> time, embarking for <system> with <number.of.crew crew on board.>: <job.of.person1> <name.of.person1., <job.of.person2> <name.of.person2>, <job.of.person3> <ame.of.person3>. The other type would include level, but the story type wouldn't.

When an event happens,

<name.of.explored.location>: discovered a <type.of.thing>, <tpe.of.other.thing> if another event such as a ring. <crew.member> became <trait>, or maybe <crew.member> is <trait> which might work more universally as less wordy than crew.member> became injured. <data.type> + <number>.

I also have another suggestion, but again a little more lore writing so this may take even more work, so maybe not: for the data tab, inline links for each data type with a little description for each, perhaps, although yes it's fun to imagine, I am struggling to imagine some of these things. What is a dwarf star? Alternatively, this could be put into a glossery tab so that the data tab doesn't become all weird, as the data tab looks quite good at the moment, although lots of graphics which I thought were clickable for more info. So instead of saying the name, it's saying "graphic <type.of.thing> x2" rather than just <type.of.thing> x2 or times 2or whatever it's saying. I think it's saying x2 which is also understandable. Keep in mind I'm going off memory. If you wish, I could write down some ideas as I go through my next playthrough as to what an actual log might practically look like. Part of me wonders if it might be worth putting this as a separate topic so that the sighted community can weigh in as well and we can come up with a compromise for everyone.

hm, I'm not entirely sure, although I think I can see that stuff in the crew section anyway. Is there a way to learn about the different traits? I managed to get a couple of characters to be inspired, and a couple to be depressed, if a character is depressed can that depression wear off?

Aah. I don't even know that they're a tooltip, but they do say vote up and vote down when my screen reader reads them. Can you give an example of a tooltip experience in Beyond the Chiron Gate?

Just so we're on the same page, could you give me an example of a tooltip? It might be accessible but I might not have known that I found one.

Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to make the tool tips accessible. Hovering won't really be possible for a blind person. There are bits where it says graphic land and such, but I can't seem to do anything with the graphic. So, I don't know where the tool tips are located. Apart from that, I've completed a first run, I didn't reach the builders, but I'm absolutely loving this. Worth every penny spent, and I'll continue playing for sure. It's kind of hard to know what to explore at first, finding xenlog is fairly tricky.

Thank you. I noticed when it installed, it then autoran, so I spent some time in the how to play section. I'll get onto that in a bit, but I do have some questions first. Do you then just run the same exe again, or do you run it from the folder? Also, which exe, as I noticed an exe in the main route, and an exe in the app 1.0.1 folder as well. Also, getting back to the how to play section, the interface looks so promising, and I'll explain why in a second. But first, I'm so, so, so looking forward to this, I loved Seadship and the cyborg one, as you've seen from the comments on the cyborg arena that I posted. Although that reminds me I still need to comment on Seadship! I'll have to give it another play, it's been a while.

So, here's the thing. I'm a totally blind person, and can I just say, the how to play section impressed me so much, everything has a label, crew etc, and if that's an actual example of what the interface might render like in game, I can't wait, I'll probably start just after this post but I will have to go to bed soon, but I'll sink my teeth in proper tomorrow! If this is as promising as I hope it is, you can bet that a: the audiogames forum is going to find out about it from me, and b: there will probably even be a database entry! If I struggle with anything in the game from an accessibility/interface standpoint, I'll also let you know because this is looking really close to being accessible for blind people, possibly already though but I'm not too sure yet as I haven't started proper.

I do have one more suggestion. Can you please add a volume slider for the music, apart from the mute button, or, perhaps turn it down slightly? Because the main menu music swells at a certain point where I can't hear my screen reader, and if I mute it, I might lose hearing some other music, and I'm sure the blind community would really like to enjoy any soundscape this game has to offer. Thanks so much in advance.

I loved the experience. I'm a blind person, so being able to do battle with these characters and creatures was really interesting, thank you so, so much. Yes please, I hope you can fix the bug, as I'd like to find out what happens. I mean, if you have an idea what happens at the end or remember, you could write it here but wouldn't that spoil the ending for those who haven't played it all the way through? Also, I'm wondering, could you please sort of explain the concept of the game to me? I've enjoyed the battles, but I don't really know exactly what is happening. How is it based on the work, and what does the work describe? Thanks in advance.

Hi all, does anyone know where the game actually installs to? My screen reader just said installing, but hasn't told me where it's been put. Thanks in advance.

Wow. I really have enjoyed this. Interestingly, I've defeated the fourth opponent, however it then puts me in a loop where the opponent appears again, with the same fight. Is this intentional?

Hi, I've found some accessibility bugs. It says "which were you born benieth", but the links are not labeleld with any text. My screen reader says they're graphics. Could you please add any alt text to these, as right now I don't even know what sort of character I'm creating. I guess I could keep going for now and just leave things to fate. What re you searching for though, that's annoying that it's not labeled.

I enjoyed this. I've got one ending so far. I've noticed at the moment, it's just one opponent. However, will there be anymore? It feels liky my ending was more of a cliffhanger, as I carried my opponent into the bay and the announcer was still talking.

Is there a downloadable version of the game?

Do you know if this game works with the Ren'Py self voicing feature? I'm a blind person, and this feature will make the game speak using the windows text to speech or the mac say command. Which version of Ren'Py is this vn developed in?

Is the self voicing feature enabled for the blind players? It uses windows text to speech or the mac say command. If yes, I will absolutely support this game by paying for the download.

You did a really awesome job with the turnaround on those accessibility fixes. I know I'm still gushing a bit but, honestly, this game, probably one of my favourite text games ever now.

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edit: I'll still be messaging here as well. Original reply: I don't know how to figure out my Discord tag but if you see a Jukesy, that's me. I'll be emailing you as well, probably email first. before Discord. In regards to staying in touch on Discord, I'm based in the UK, so at the time of writing this message, it's 19:25 pm. I can do both text and voice chat.

It's the blind person again, here with an update:

This... is perfectly playable so far, unless there's some future mechanics I haven't unlocked that might be tricky. But I'm all the way up to minor memories and machine parts and I am enjoying this very very much. You know you hoped that people would enjoy this game? Did you expect a blind person to be on that list? Because if not, then now you've got one. Totally blind person at that. You might get more, because I'm going to be spreading the word to the blind community. We (the blind community) have never had a chance to experience a Fallout-type game. Ever, except for YouTube. In fact, I'd go so far to say this:

If Tin Star (another text-based game, very highly recommended actually but I don't think it's on Itch) is the closest a blind person can get to Red Dead, then this... this is our Fallout. Thank you. I'm not at the end yet but I want to thank you now. I hope this comment goes through, I look forward to your next reply if you do reply, but if not, then know this: I'm loving it. I'll be spreadding the word unless something comes up that suddenly makes the game unplayable. I did encounter one error when I tried to subdue one of the first bosses. I think it was the one with wings, said something about hunter boss. Interestingly when I killed it, my character asked it to get out of here as it didn't want to take it's life, so I was actually quite happy with that. This then unlocked the second area.

By the way, is there any way to find out what parts we have already, perhaps in the stats screen or something? It's showing my attack and stuff, but I'd love to share with people my current upgrades.

What's interesting is the buttons still work. One leads to a menu with stats, one leads to saves, one leads to what seems to be an about section. Top button was menu, middle button was saves, bottom button was about. Text is underneath that, and next button underneath the text. It seems promising even with the unlabeled buttons. I'll keep you posted.

A sort of follow up to my comment on the main page. Great change log! I'll be playing the game in the coming days and let you know my thoughts as a blind person, as I actually haven't started yet. When you say about granula stats I hope it will list it as text and not just a visual layout for the sighted.

I've already found an accessibility bug. For clarification, I'm a blind person. I use a screen reader. The game starts (on Itch I've literally just clicked "run game"), but I'm presented with three unlabeled buttons, and a button labeled next. For clarification, that button reads correctly with the screen reader, literally saying "1. Next". Please label your buttons for screen reader users, otherwise it will be guess work finding out what these three unlabeled buttons do.

If you wish to test this with a screen reader, there is one called NVDA for windows. You use the arrow keys to move up and down a page, and tab to move between buttons. Also, if you'd like an accessibilityy beta tester who has experience with NVDA, please give me a shout and I'd be happy to test any future versions of this game.

Wo. That was quite dark! Fairly enjoyable though.

I'm also really excited about this, I loved the opening scene. I can't wait to see where this goes.

This is an interesting idea. However, in creating a visual dungeon crawler with ascii or art, what about those blind players who can't see but who will still want to crawl the dungeon via text?

This game no longer seems to work. Just shows a frame with a URL in it.

Hi, that's understandable regarding life changes. Honestly, what you've done here is incredible, and I'm not trying to knock your game, because in all honesty, I'm absolutely loving it. I'll definitely be playing as much as I can, and thanks for letting me know about the bulleting board, once I unlock that I will also inform the users of the audiogames forum. I've purchased both the PC and iOS versions as a gesture of thanks for creating a game like this which is honestly, mostly, accessible and on iOS, even more so. My next step will absolutely be purchasing the soundtrack.

Hi, I think that's the issue. There doesn't seem to be an actual level boundary, so I'm wondering if I missed the door. I was walking in gravel for over two minutes, and I don't know if that should be the case, that's a very long time to walk with nothing happening.

Hi, I've grabbed the iOS version, but there seems to be no music. As Darkempathy said, couldn't there be a separate way to check the stats for blind players? Also, on the iOS version, the menu button correctly says menu, but on the PC version it just says "button". A lot of blind people don't really use the mouse, so highlighting might not necessarily be an option. There is a company called Choice of Games who use a show stats button and within that window it's then possible to return to the game. Whilst the story mode would be good for, well, the story, I am also interested in the strategy side of things. There aren't too many strategy games in the blind community.

Hi, I do not know if this game is still being worked on or not, but can I say from a totally blind perspective, I use a screen reader. So far, the game actually works really well, surprisingly well actually. I'm using NVDA on windows. However, I have ound a few things that might be able to be improved.

The button that opens up options such as help, restart, etc, is not labeled, so the screen reader says button.

A more pressing issue, however, is I literally have no idea how to check my stats. The tutorials are saying about gaining renoun and such, but I can't seem to find a way of checking the running total. I've tried the help screen, but I'm wondering if I a: haven't unlocked it yet or b: the option might not currently be findable by screen readers.

Lastly, andd this one is a bigger ask. There are Twine games such as The Tree That Touched the Moon, and in those games, all the choices are actual links, which makes it a lot easier to tell what it is a choice. At the moment in Nocked, whilst it is fairly easy to tell there are choices there as it says "..." before the choices start branching, I do wish these were shown as actual links. As an aside, the options in the menu are seen as actual links, so it is a little strange. The most pressing issue, however, is how to check stats, and I'm wondering what to do in the meantime.

Thanks in advance.

I'm a totally blind person. I have just got past the dog chase scene, however once I'm past there, it's just gravel, even when moving to the left. I actually thought the game glitched on me, as I was moving to the right, for over a minute, with absolutely nothing happening. If there are any visual clues, this does not help the totally blind such as myself. Just ambience and gravel, for what seems like an infintie amount of time without any kind of audio progress, is not fun. There needs to be more clues about what to do in this section, if it's even ready yet.

I'd be fine with that. Also, I've now actually completed my first playthrough even in this state, which bodes very well indeed. I really enjoyed this game, it's got a lot of heart. It was a really cool way to spend a few hours, and I hope to come back to it for another playthrough to see what the other paths bring.








I managed to escape the fire with my character's lives in tact, with help from one of the allies of Madamme.

Hi, long comment ahead with some thoughts. However: I'm loving this so far. I do, however have a question but don't know how easy this would be. I'm a blind person. Is there any way you could make choices into actual links? A lot of other twine games do this (see, Tree that Touched The Moon, for instance). At the moment unless I use the tab key it's hard to know where the actual choices are or if there are any other hotspots. Nothing says link, it's a clickable, not an actual, webpagified, link the way that "Tree That Touched The Moon" does this. Now, if this might be too tricky to add as it may be more of a revamp, it's OK, as I think I can tab around to find most choices. But if this was added, it would be a huge, huge boon for accessibility, and you'd be looking at a fully accessible game for blind people. It's pretty much doable at the moment even in it's current state. I'm at the part where I'm going after the dragon, so still have a while to go as that's essentially the intro. I haven't checked if the menus (companions, loot, quests) read with my screen reader or not, so I'd have to get back to you on that one. For reference, I'm on windows using a screen reader called NVDA, so if you'd like to do any testing, NVDA is free. YOu use the arrow keys to move up and down a web page and use tab to go to links. Usually, NVDA should say link when finding a link. For the current clickables, it just says their name but it's sometimes hard to know exactly where I am in the page.

I've now figured some stuff out, and in the process found some bugs.

1. Eagle Eye does not stack, and still puts focus to 1 even with multiple equipped. I think this should be changed to focus should be however many eagle eyes you have.

2. If you have counter, defend and evade, and an attack misses after a defence, the user technically still has guard left at that moment. Logically, counter should trigger, unless counter is meant to be more like someone intercepting an attack, in which case maybe this does make less sense. I can see both sides to this.

3. Ability to see hp in shop interface would be nice, so you know how much you have once you heal.

Some observations:

4. Ability to buy strength boosts from the shop. No other powers in shop though as things might be too easy. Unless it could be an option. Spend gold on power or spend gold on a skill or healing. But I think strength boost makes the most sense here as it will just increase attack by 1. I had an alternate idea about if you replace the card with the same one, it counts as an upgrade, but then if you had four daggers you'd be doing 20 damage. Note, what I mean by this is if you have dagger in slot 2 and you put dagger in slot 2 again, it could double the way powers stack. But I think strength boost in shop might actually make more sense as it'd mean the player not becoming too overpowered too quickly. Unless, this stuff could be added to game options, accessibility and players playing how they'd like to play and all that? It would also eventually cause a dilema of, should I try to upgrade my attack or replace all of my skills? Because eventually the player would run out of slots and wouldn't be able to keep an upgraded skill forever. However, perhaps out of all of this, I think strength boosst option in shop makes the most sense without possibly breaking things too much, and might be the easiest to implement.

Hi, could you please explain the different resources? I, for instance, don't know what focus does.

that's fair. Thesame can be said for the one about the children and the curse in the village, as the villagers just seem suspicious of everyone but you get some good experience.

Do you think you'd also be adding the ability to pick what objective you try for a playthrough, or do you think it'll just be a list of classes? I do wonder how many there are, as when I played a couple of weeks back I kept on getting the story of relics and the story of spire, but when I started again yesterday, first time, I got pirate captains, which is a completely new one to me. I do wonder how it'll go, and am enjoying it so far. Managed to explore several islands on this playthrough and this time, I have magic.

When returning the statue to the temple after finding a thief, I seriously think the player should gain some renoun for doing this. Since the guards didn't chace the thief into the sewers, and the  villagers thought they'd never see their treasure again, surely this is worth a small bit of renoun, or would the quest be considered too insignificant, due to it being a small village? I do have a counterpoint to that, even. Surely, the villagers would spread word about this, and the beginner's tips do say you gain renoun for doing good deeds. What are your thoughts?

Interesting, I've noticed that you've tagged the game with blind support. A heads up about this tag, the game will need to be played by a blind person from start to finish, including menu navigation. I haven't had a chance to try this yet but I'll let you know if it's accessible. If the game is not accessible, I would be very happy to work with you and give suggestions as to how to make this game playable for blind people. We actually don't have any kind of mec game in the blind community, so this could be fun.

Hi, I'm using a screen reader, and if I press space or enter on a choice such as prospecter, it sometimes shows me another choice such as bandit. Right now, if I click one choice it seems to be randomly selecting another one, so I haven't even been able to examine the Drifter background yet. For context, there's a twine game called the Tree That Touched the Moon, which has some accessibility features implemented. It uses traditional buttons that a screen reader user can click. A lot of these are also accessible using the tab key, but I think it still has some visual art as well. I'm intrigued by this game because of the sound effects as well. I've noticed that the download now just says sound effects attribution and doesn't seem to link to any zip file at the moment, but the game does run in the browser. It isn't a browser issue, because the game runs fine. It's a twine and screen readers issue that will ned to be looked into, but the good thing is this can be solved, as I've seen it actually happen. Any help would be appreciated.