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hey, ye I think u played one of the demos I released back then, cool u came back. also its not open source, the project file is just available for others to mod. Open source would mean everyone can take it and have full rights to it, meaning they could make their own game and sell it, which I do not support.

press “up”

gotta pay respect to the legend

no I cannot make a gimp file, either u drag everything into gimp. or u can just easily copy that image u was referring to, and paste it into gimp. then just downscale it and remove the background with the magic wand tool (add back the needed colors later on)

nintendo, but also its still playable with the wayback machine, just enter the link and find a date that has a snapshot

dayum I just realized I made animal well before animal well came out

dude wth why she got big melons😭

yeah man ur work just has gotten better and better

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cool game, im impressed u took ur time adding settings for a gamejam game lol.

Also its such a simple game, but you did a great job at gamifying it, idk how to explain it, but if feels like a retro game, maybe its the simple little animations u added on the eyes, or the transitions being stuttery and making the color palette darker just like how old nes games did it.

dude this is dope, actually unique and looks usable


time to barb 😎

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graphics remind me a lot of this specific gamejam game by another youtuber:

(mainly the 3d models turned into a PNG) image.png


try a different browser. or maybe ur system is just too old to be supported, I just know thats a thing, dk if thats true in ur case. cant think of anything else sadly ;((

man please put on some actual screenshots of your game to the page ;///

who is gonna tell him

no more updates

thank you so much funny guy, I appreciate that fr😍

For sure, that’s totally fine, u can even sell the course with the assets(just not the assets themselves). Mainly just credit where it’s due, but tbh nothing is stopping you from just not crediting at all. I don’t really care.


probably really hard if u make it slow, but eventually it will loop I think. Depends on how complicated u make the animation. it will be pretty hard to find the right framee


amazing artist and gamedev

ok it still uses similar rules in the pixel art that’s why I say its similar. And I love stylistic choices like this where its imperfect and simplistic on purpose, it also kinda resembles older PC games which I love. I think ur being a bit harsh.

why u wanna murder me

u can get the PNG of it tho from this page, theres a link. Or u can find it on my twitter posting history

sounds like a weird ahh fetish

sadly progress isnt saved, lol. But there is a Quality of Life mod which lets u teleport to certain levels if u just wanna experience them again or skip stuff. You can find it here with other mods

idk, its an itch thing I cant do anything. Try to download it or use a different browser

You cant do this in the base game, I dont know why ur asking this, its never stated anywhere that you can. You can mod the game tho, but you have to download the project file and godot. More instructions are on the modding section

nothing too crazy, someone on our discord had a full 500 lives playthrough

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press up to interact, also HD mod doesnt exist, you got a lil confused there bud, its just a zip file with pictures, u probably shouldve just looked at whats inside of it. + its only the exe. file, stuff doesnt get saved anywhere.

yeah no it doesnt just “happen”, you have to interact with pikit while at the same exact moment get outside of the area where you can talk to him, its pixel perfect and doesnt happen often.