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that face when...
pirupippu-kun death combo

thanks, but i found out that it only is buggy on itch, so i can use it on winrar. new chars are interesting and the rework to zain is nice.

somethings wrong, i can't download a new one

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The leaderboard is filled with diks, my job here is done.

i found a really easy infinite, you just do light medium heavy then shakunetsu then you loop. way easier than sassuko

also how easy or hard is the combo?

that's some noice research, thanks

i did it again using aaa

 got to the top of the leader board mines dik

ooh what did you find?

Sasukko-Kun's Forward heavy punch combos into stand rush then you can combo that into forward light punch, forward medium punch, then forward heavy punch then you stand rush again it's an infinite death combo not including any meter but you have to be in the corner. This can also be hit confirmed from his crouch light kick which is a low. 

i just found a death combo, pretty nice

oh thanks, i hope theres more things to come

love the game, wished there was a training mode and combo trials as well

there's a reason why you don't want to play on fscreen

this game has potential it just needs a draw system, better ai, a campaign, more cards and multiplayer

pog, i saw your twitch channel, will wait for more content

umm hello? are you still there?

great game, very simple, active developer has great depth and different decks to cater different playstyles overall 8.5/10