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hey uh, at this section I've lost control over my body after moving this crate.

sorry man, my bad. I'll be nicer next time

i suggest taking 1 psychokinesis at the start then put everything else into master repulsion, then for stats put everything into dex for maximum speed, unless you are encumbered then you can add strength.

thanks, now I'm just wondering what went wrong in your run that made your ascetic Qamar unable to get into the void?


I have finally won with ascetic Qamar after so many tries most of them dying to the final boss due to the inability to burst him down and/or him killing you with 2 hits before you gained enough stacks.

Speaking of stacks this build relies on gaining effects via standstills like focus from the Ascetic class and repulsions from psychokinesis and master repulsion to abuse Qamars ability twice per standstill to deal massive amounts of astral damage to enemies in a 2 tile range, while psychokinesis targets enemies at a much farther 5 tile range increasing the builds dpr and providing an early "long range" damage output. I chose Hadad because of the healing prayer and especially the +5 speed, Humbaba is also a good pick but Hadad is simply better because the focus increases the bleed damage is increased by focus, which is how I lost my last run before this one.

Purple mage head cap provides damage at infinite range targeting any enemy on the map as well as dealing more astral damage since it is a separate astral damage source. Purple blue sash is amazing since it not only deals a lot more damage but it also bypasses the astral and psychic damage resistances, but the strongest item equipped is the robe of the astral wanderer. As you can see from the picture the build completely uses dex (I'll explain why later) and the robe increases both astral damage and psychic damage by 3% per dex, meaning with 37 dex the damage increase is a whopping 111% percent more damage. The weapons are a bit unoptimal since I didn't get the icon of the mysterious order and I chose the robe of the astral wanderer over the icon of the astral wanderer. 

Now for the reason why this build chooses mostly dex is simple, you get more turns than your opponent due to your massive speed which means you deal more damage AND most importantly gain more stacks of repulsion and focus to trigger Qamar and increase all of your damage. At some point you will be able to reach 5 bars of effects  while destroying an entire boss level and not take any damage all just by standing still.

here's the end game stats

Got here in just a few tries, first tried out basic summoning strat, didn't get to the other side, tried pugilism since i love punching, came pretty close just died to the golden demon because of their insane damage. And finally the build that got me there, The Burning Juggernaut. The build mostly consists of burning heart and pyrokinesis with Hadad to just heal an insane amount that the only thing that came close to killing me was the golden demons but they weren't enough either, every other fight was just a really long slugfest where they try to damage me but i just healed back up instantly, added by the fact i was wielding the fire axe that dealt psychic damage when i dealt fire damage with the robe that increased both fire damage and lightning damage based on the weapon size and pants that dealt 50% of lightning damage as fire damage the build does good damage and has insane survivability. But the best part is when i was against the king of colors, the final boss. He was healing all the damage i dealt to him and he was summoning more enemies as i kill them so i decided to use the fully charged third prayer and it just killed him. It did so much damage that the fight was over. Games really fun and you can make so much builds in it. I'm gonna be playing this for a while. 9.7/10

ill bullo death combo : )

it's a bit interesting because you have to jump into double light, canceled into medium, canceled into heavy then you hit the ground press light, canceled into medium, canceled into back heavy into babo natale buster then light canceled into back heavy, light into back heavy, light into heavy, light into heavy, then light into heavy canceled into down back heavy then canceled into back super then you finally super in the air. the opponent can just air tech but let's just hope they don't :)

It's been a year and i decided to post this

 babo natale death combo : )

yeah i know that, i  was asking what happened to the princess. I see that the first sentence and picture confused you into thinking that's what i meant my bad.

this looks so bad out of context, also what happened to the princess at the end? It didn't explain anything about her. Unless there's a second ending that i don't know of.

honest opinion, second to last level took minutes and is so much harder than the last level which took a few tries. Concept is good and the controls are basic but neat. Overall hard and rewarding game 8.5/10. 

im guessing the weird color line in the middle is there to detect splicing in speedruns which is actually smart.

you should definetely get that win condition coded : )

Good game, the hints really helped in finding the things you must do to get the endings but it doesn't necessarily spoil which one. the second and last one are easy to get while the 1st took a lot of days. Overall I like the art style and would love to see another game like this.

it's supposed to unravel and get stuck so yeah its a bug

platform as in pc? because im using pc

you can also jump on the green flame

(1 edit)

nah bro, you can jump over spikes. and jump on spikes and live.

that's what i did, and it did work.

wonder what she got stuck on

This game is very good, unrefined but still very good. I love the cards in this game, they are simple yet good. Each card really represents their faction like recruiting officer contributing to swarming. I have already shared this to my friends but  I do have one suggestion and that is add a possible multiplayer so I can play with my friends.


first try 

you can beat it 

I have officially beat the game without buying a weapon.

is there actually an end? i've gotten to 46 and i know i can get 100 but is there a point?

i would love it if it was kept and was instead used as a feature.

found a glitch/ feature. if you jump and touch a wall and look at the opposite direction and jump again, you can perform a wall jump and you can do this infinitely. It's not useful except to see things outside a normal gameplay but it is cool.

i would add other items, weapons, armor and attributes to increase

Games fun, hoped for more levels but it's still good. Hopefully next one has more killers and loadouts. Butcher best killer.

auto clicker is busted here


pc windows

why was i able to control the boss using the arrow keys?

got to room 88 really fun

if you go all the way to the right at the start, you fall down. lmao