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yeah i know that, i  was asking what happened to the princess. I see that the first sentence and picture confused you into thinking that's what i meant my bad.

this looks so bad out of context, also what happened to the princess at the end? It didn't explain anything about her. Unless there's a second ending that i don't know of.

honest opinion, second to last level took minutes and is so much harder than the last level which took a few tries. Concept is good and the controls are basic but neat. Overall hard and rewarding game 8.5/10. 

im guessing the weird color line in the middle is there to detect splicing in speedruns which is actually smart.

you should definetely get that win condition coded : )

Good game, the hints really helped in finding the things you must do to get the endings but it doesn't necessarily spoil which one. the second and last one are easy to get while the 1st took a lot of days. Overall I like the art style and would love to see another game like this.

it's supposed to unravel and get stuck so yeah its a bug

platform as in pc? because im using pc

you can also jump on the green flame

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nah bro, you can jump over spikes. and jump on spikes and live.

that's what i did, and it did work.

wonder what she got stuck on

This game is very good, unrefined but still very good. I love the cards in this game, they are simple yet good. Each card really represents their faction like recruiting officer contributing to swarming. I have already shared this to my friends but  I do have one suggestion and that is add a possible multiplayer so I can play with my friends.


first try 

you can beat it 

I have officially beat the game without buying a weapon.

is there actually an end? i've gotten to 46 and i know i can get 100 but is there a point?

i would love it if it was kept and was instead used as a feature.

found a glitch/ feature. if you jump and touch a wall and look at the opposite direction and jump again, you can perform a wall jump and you can do this infinitely. It's not useful except to see things outside a normal gameplay but it is cool.

i would add other items, weapons, armor and attributes to increase

Games fun, hoped for more levels but it's still good. Hopefully next one has more killers and loadouts. Butcher best killer.

auto clicker is busted here


pc windows

why was i able to control the boss using the arrow keys?

got to room 88 really fun

if you go all the way to the right at the start, you fall down. lmao

that face when...
pirupippu-kun death combo

thanks, but i found out that it only is buggy on itch, so i can use it on winrar. new chars are interesting and the rework to zain is nice.

somethings wrong, i can't download a new one

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The leaderboard is filled with diks, my job here is done.

i found a really easy infinite, you just do light medium heavy then shakunetsu then you loop. way easier than sassuko

also how easy or hard is the combo?

that's some noice research, thanks

i did it again using aaa

 got to the top of the leader board mines dik

ooh what did you find?