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Hi! Could you please set up a link to your Ludum Dare page from here? I played your game and would like to rate it :)

I liked that it had a really strong theme and playing it was actually kind of scary, haha :) I might've missed something but it became a little frustrating that I couldn't tell where a bat was coming from. Maybe I just needed to start looking around everywhere once I knew one was approaching, but sometimes I felt like I just got hit out of nowhere and I couldn't do anything about it. I can imagine that this might've been completely intentional though, which is cool too. It was an immersive and memorable experience overall :)

I liked the characters, especially the main one -- the orange/green was a little weird in the overall scene but it was still very different from any other characters I've seen and ultimately really likeable :) Also, the sound when you burst an enemy robot is super satisfying, good choice haha. I normally suck at controlling movement with the keyboard while shooting  so I appreciated that I didn't die immediately. It was overall fun to play and a solid game!