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Very innovative control scheme! I loved how certain things meshed well with the audio!

It definitely is difficult, I tried to make it the case, but I went overboard and had that "Well I can beat it type attitude".

Well done, the atmosphere is great! ANd the gameplay was addictive, it reminded me of the swoop bike races from KOTOR, but with a  shooting mechanic. 

Thank you.

Thank you, and yeah, there are some bugs that made it in, hopefully, as I get better with the unity engine those will disappear in future games.

Great Job!

Very well done, this is the beginning of a well made game. The jump control felt a little awkward at times but these are the artifacts of quickly made games.

Awesome job, It look fantastic and I like the concept. 

Gave it a play after the upload, looks like something went wrong when unity built it and some of the physics don't work quite right. :/ Oh well.