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Looking for more projects :)

Any more projects?

Hey!, I haven't been able to play your game yet, but I watched a few gameplays. It looks really cool and I would like to help.

 What do you think of two lounge jazz tunes (intro screen and gameplay) and a couple sound effects for game over and game start?

Contact me via discord (jordit#7268) or mail ( Thanks for your interest!

Hi, I would love to! You can see some original music in that style in my collaboration:

Feel free to contact me via discord or mail!

Got some time this month. Someone looking for a collaboration?


I'm Jtc_Music, a composer and sound designer with some experience in video-games (specially unity-based though) and I would like to find someone to collaborate with!

 Some of my work:

Hi! I would love to work with you! You can see some of my work here:

My discord is jordit#7268 and I can do as much music and sounds as you like.

Sure thing! Contact me via mail or discord (I updated the post). I can probably make 3-4 short songs, one for each level of your game!

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Hi, I am a sound designer and composer with a bit of experience in small video games projects. Right now I have some free time and I am looking to work with new people!

You can see some of my works here:

And here:

I would love to work in every kind of project as long as it motivates me, but my main composing skills are in acoustic, small ensembles, rock, and a bit of chiptune. so my main styles are for RPG and action, but feel free to contact me if your project is not based in any of these styles.

I am looking forward to work with you! :)

Contact me via mail:

Or by discord: jordit#7268

Hi!, If you are looking for a composer/sound designer feel free to contact me!

Some of my work:

Discord: jordit#7268