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Awesome game

Awesome game dude! hope to see more!

Really impressed with this game. Lots of atmosphere and very intriguing

congrats on the awesome game! I really enjoyed it. Hope to see more!!

This one is really good!

Very interesting. I enjoyed it.

here is my nonspoiler review. Really recommend this game!

Short and Creepy

Very creepy

Very creepy...

this was so good!
This was so good!


Really enjoyed this one!

I loved this!

Awesome game!

Janitor bleeds only mayor flaw is its unstable frame rate that hinders the players experience. Beyond that, Janitor bleeds intricate story, visuals, music and sound design create a mystery horror experience that is expertly executed and that offers horror fans a solid experience that they should not miss out on. For this reason I recommend Janitor Bleeds.


Link to my non-spoiler review:

Had a really good time with this game!

nonspoiler review of Araignees chapter one. REALLY RECOMMENDED!

I found a secret...

Found it! I will be uploading the vid on Thursday! thanks for the tip! :-D awesome job

Awesome game!

awesome little game! Incredible atmosphere!

My vid here:

this game is INCREDIBLE!! Had a blast playing this!

Hi I am trying to download but it downloads as an internet explorer file and it doesnt do anything.  :-(

Hi! I just played the first two chapters and really enjoyed the experience.  There are some things that I would like to suggest:

1. While I was playing I was very lost in the park.  It was really hard for me to get familiarized in time with the enviroment to move confidently in it.  I recommend considering a map of some kind because players could end up getting lost and going around in circles because of this.

2. I had issues with the lighting.  I turned the brightness up to max and I still could not see very well specially when I was running from the killer.  I suggest that the lamp post and the cellphone lights should shine brighter.  It is just so that the player can see where they are going when they are running from the killer and not get lost because of how dark it is

3. When looking for the key to open the power house I had a hard time finding it because it blended to much with the enviroment.  I heard the audio cue letting me know it was nearby but I think you should add some type of visual cue so that the item is easier to spot.

I will be uploading my lets play later on but I wanted to leave this feedback because the game shows a lot of promise and really want you guys to be succesful.  I hope my feedback helps.  

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I played #wintertwined and it was awesome! It is shaping up to be one incredible game!!

incredible demo. Really looking forward to the game. Very immersive.

my playthrough of the game.  Loved it!

Really Good game.  Enjoyed it a lot.  Made a short review.  I recommend that everyone plays this game!

Thank you

REALLY ENJOYED this game. The demo ia awesome! I am gonna play as soon as it comes out! A lot of old school horror game vibes.

I tried that but in OBS it looks really small. 

Is there a way to  put the game in full screen? cant find a way to do it.

Here is a highlight of my playthrough 

Incredible ambiance. Very spooky. Loved it.

It is a short, spooky and awesome experience. The story is simple but I think its interesting and it's  a premise that I havent seen in other horror games. Great job with the game!

very interesting game. I enjoyed it a lot.

This game really scared the life out of me. Incredible game.  

Really loved the style and ambiance of the game.  Looking forward to this one!

I played it for my channel