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Jacob Spiegel

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Really nice little exploration game!

Really love the art, music, and humor! Charming game, and very well written. It crashed right after I met the businessman, but whatever. If Gelatin is a reference to that one episode in Cowboy Bebop that would make me very happy :D

Really interesting and creative game! The art is absolutely fantastic :)

Really nice little game, great way of telling a story!

Really neat art style and music!

Really great graphics!

Fantastic art and music!

Wonderfully absurd!

Super unique mechanic!

Really interesting and charming concept! Really nice retro art and chiptune music too!

Fantastic art, and refreshing to see a game where you don't automatically die when you hit a pipe!

Really difficult but interesting mechanic!

Really challenging! Nice, simple art too.

Really nice spin on Flappy Bird, and great art as well!

Nice art, and of course absolutely superb audio!

Really nice graphics and hauntingly creepy atmosphere!

Really nice style, physics, and atmosphere!

Really nice art, atmosphere, and mechanic!

Really nice physics and graphics!

Devilishly difficult!

Really nice art!

Extremely polished, and a great mechanic!

Very nice score mechanic and level design, and lovely music!

Nice aesthetic!

Very cool aesthetic!

Very interesting, nice aesthetic!

Really great mechanic!

Really nice aesthetic!

Really nice incorporation of Fez's aesthetics!

Probably the most creative game (and also best) I've seen in the competition, and very emotional :(

Very interesting art style!

Great use of 3D and the camera, and fantastic atmosphere!

Very original and difficult, and amazing polish, audio, and graphics!

Very original and fun mechanic! Great art, polish, and music!

Great art, theme, and music!

Really nice graphics, animation, and music!

Truly fantastic on all fronts. Superb art, great reward mechanic and upgrade system, solid audio, extremely polished. Great job!

Great audio and charming art :)

Great mechanic, very difficult!