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I'm using arcade for the first time. It's a python library that (I learned after starting) seems to be aimed mainly at classroom environments. I heard it highly recommended somewhere, but so far I'm not as impressed as I hoped to be. I've had to read the source a lot where the docs are lacking, but the source is very readable. It also makes a bunch of choices under the assumption that you are developing a real-time game with moving and colliding sprites, which I'm not.

It was a lot simpler to install and get working than pygame, though.

Squidlit community · Created a new topic WINE

Do you know if the game runs in WINE on OSX? It seems very likely, but I'd like to know for sure..

hi this is a really nice exploration of this design space, i wish there were more of it and that it got harder, please start dating some new people so you can make an expansion thanks ^__^

I played 30 levels and then Chrome unloaded the tab, and now I'm sad that I have to do 90 clicks and wait for 30 level start animations to get back to where I was. Can you just make a full level select grid?