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Great to hear!

Hi! Found your game randomly scrolling through the 704 games in the racial justice bundle; thanks for contributing! I basically like the concept, but I'm really held back from enjoying it by the lack of undo support.

In the puzzlescript era undo support feels kinda required for games like this, and honestly the friction of having to restart (which is also quite slow) is causing me to not want to finish the game.

I don't mean to act entitled to your time, but if it's not too effortful to add undo (and maybe a faster restart), i would certainly play the game to completion, and I suspect others would be less likely to bounce off it as well.

ahh i'm glad you like it! and yes the fast cookie is actually the only one that is a specific type of cookie i have eaten, they are Pepperidge Farms strawberry Veronas, very very delicious!!

the cookie-eating and gem-getting sound effects were made by my wonderful girlfriend laura, the others were me, i'm glad you liked them!

thank you, that worked!

In June I released a game for macOS. A few days ago, I removed the macOS build because it had various issues, and replaced it with a browser port of the game. I can no longer find any reference to macOS in any game settings or metadata.

However, the twitter card still says "available for macOS", which I'm worried is reducing the audience for the game. Is there anything I can do about this? 

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I'm using arcade for the first time. It's a python library that (I learned after starting) seems to be aimed mainly at classroom environments. I heard it highly recommended somewhere, but so far I'm not as impressed as I hoped to be. I've had to read the source a lot where the docs are lacking, but the source is very readable. It also makes a bunch of choices under the assumption that you are developing a real-time game with moving and colliding sprites, which I'm not.

It was a lot simpler to install and get working than pygame, though.

Squidlit community · Created a new topic WINE

Do you know if the game runs in WINE on OSX? It seems very likely, but I'd like to know for sure..

hi this is a really nice exploration of this design space, i wish there were more of it and that it got harder, please start dating some new people so you can make an expansion thanks ^__^

I played 30 levels and then Chrome unloaded the tab, and now I'm sad that I have to do 90 clicks and wait for 30 level start animations to get back to where I was. Can you just make a full level select grid?