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Bravo on a strong, consuming thing. Probably not one for before bed, or for one living right over a certain spot between stations...

This is one of the most touching lil things I've had the pleasure of coming across, even though it was many years, 3 schools, 2 towns ago, I still remember playing this for the first time and how wonderful it felt. You have had a big impact on how I make games, thank you for this special treasure.

Nice idea! I would love to use something like this as a scrapbook with all my text and images in one places instead of rooting through folders trying to find ref images or store text etc

I have feature suggestions
- double click text box to start editing text right away
- hotkeys for creating each box type
- click and box-drag to select multiple boxes to move them at once

The 'Demo' plan included seems to have nothing in it when I load it,
I also have the thing mentioned below where pasting images produces a black 1x1 square, I unzipped alpha 1.1 and I have the temp folder, but nothing gets pasted there except these black squares.
Windows 10 64-bit  English(US)

This is sick!! I really love the smooth and careful reload animation and the way people tumble down when hit


Comically, this clue is intended to refer to California, as it was another independent state at the time of the mexican-american war and is believed in folklore to have included a lone star in the top corner of bear flag designs early on, as a tribute to its brother Texas! (Though the more I read about this the more tenuous it seems, and folks might have just really liked stars in those days)

How do you get more scrap metal, or more gas? I never find more than the one of each at the start

TEETH Glad you enjoyed it! You come at TEETH with the right attitude for sure 



Utterly peaceful and a beautiful start to my day, thank you for the breakfast races :)

Ah gosh that's right, rebuilding this for mac is on my list, thanks for reminding me!

What a kind video! A lot of things are a bit confusing and unfinished but thanks for sticking with it long enough to make this (and adding some chirpy music, which I quite enjoyed) :)

Hiya, some friends have told me they're having this issue too, particularly on macs. The download .zip version should let you start the game if you've selected a language and acquired the luggage, sorry you got this bug and thanks for checking out my game!

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aight I don't even know what I'm reporting here but I start a new project 128x128 12 fps and All I get is these here windows no matter how long I wait for em to initialize. Windows 8 64 bit. (Upgrading to 10 as we speak to try use this dope looking tool though)

It's finally back, the original, the classic, just as I remember it