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Very original, and well executed! You should turn this into a full game some day!

I loved this one! Very orginal and well designed

Great game! One of the most original ones I've played in this jam. The artstyle worked really well

Interesting game! I really like the mood set by the visuals/sfx and the voice acting. My only suggestion is that maybe mouse + keyboard would have been a more intuitive control scheme

thanks for playing!!


:D thanks a lot for playing!! I'll try working on the difficulty curve a little after the jam ends

Nice gameplay. The art and music/sfx work really well with it. One minor suggestion i would have would be to map the restart button to one of the mouse's buttons, since the only reason to reach for the keyboard is to restart the game. But overall very well executed!

I'm glad you liked it!

thanks a lot!

thanks for playing!!

glad you liked it!!

thanks a lot!!

the ending was really creepy :D

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Really like the retro look. I think I got softlocked after upgrading the inventory 4 times and not the drill, I couldn't mine anything after that.

hey you got pretty far! Thanks for playing

Thanks a lot!!!! :) :)

Cool idea! Altough I can't quite figure out the controls, my suggestion would be to make those clearer, but I like the concept!

Nice game! Some parts were hilarious :D

hey! Thanks for playing! Yeah, I agree the controls might not be that intuitive. I'll keep those suggestions in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice game! A small tip: if you're creating a pixel art project using godot, you can set some import settings on your sprites so that they don't look blurry:

nice, reminds me of the Wii Play Motion icecream stacking game. One suggestion I would give is to map the "Next level" button to the space bar, so that you don't have to grab the mouse between each level.

Lovely! nice writing

this one's great! the grappling mechanic is very unique and I loved all the different ways in which you used it in the levels. The art and SFX are awesome too!

cool game! loved the art