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Jozzua Lance

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The pony's here!  27 meters babbby!

Carried Away lets you play through the love story of a mechanic with gentle hands and  late 80s creep van who spend way too much time together in pit row.

The cold NES-like punishment of restarting to level one each time you die mixed with classic Metroidvania vibes, great cut scenes, interesting sprites, Bubble Bobble-esque level design,  and a sick theme song make Glitch Buster an addictively fun ride.

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Step Out is the definitive game in the avant-garde jazz genre.  I wasn't sure if I was playing a game or creating a jazz masterpiece.  If you ever want to mix this with different styles of music, I'm in.  

Arrhythmia needs a DDR port immediately.  I want to see someone try to dance to this, that is a viral video waiting to happen.  HMU about music if you want to make a version with original songs.  Despacito was a blast.

Rhythm Shoot is a psychedelic space shooter with lots of gorgeous visuals to shoot and lots of rhythm.  Rhythm Shoot is like Galaga on shrooms at an EDM festival.

Don't mind me.  I'm just waiting the corner by the buffet.  You finally did ET right.