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Thanks :)

There's no confirmed date for it yet, but we're aiming to release it before the end of the year!

Great video, and very insightful feedback! Thanks for playing! 

Hey Cryptic Hybrid! Thanks for making a vid for this one too :)

Ps. Maybe talk to Dede and Dabson again ;)

Good to hear! There's plenty of awesome games on, so you're sure to find other games that get you hooked in too (we know we did!)

We love our rhythm games, so you're bound to notice some inspirations here and there ;) Glad you liked it!

Wow, you got an S on the first try :O Good job :)

Glad you liked it! Hope you try the rest of the songs too!

Thank you! Join our discord server if you want to see/hear more peeks :)

Thanks for letting us know, we'll see if we can fix it.

In the meantime, you can download the build to play it too :)

Wow, thank you for the feedback. That sounds so cool haha!
And you did great in the video :) (maybe you wanna try the other songs too? ;))

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) And thanks for the video!

Thank you so much! We hope so too!! :)

THANK YOU! You have helped us out so much! :)))

Hello everybirdy!

The team at Joysteak Studios is working on "Songbird Symphony", a musical adventure game that combines platforming and rhythm gameplay mechanics to emulate the magical role music plays in providing a Disneyesque storytelling experience.

"Leaving the safety of his nest to find his parents, Birb will sing and dance with the forest and its feathery denizens, learning the language of the forest and ultimately unveiling his destiny."

We have added some cool new features to the game (such as a 'Feather Collection' system) as well as brand new songs. Do check the game out at and tell us what you think!

Thank you! Many have given us the same comment about the game being helpful for kids. Do show this game to your nieces/nephews/children!

You know, the plushie is a splendid good idea!! :)

Did you draw that peacock on the video's thumbnail? :O
I guess it can be considered a fan-art? Hahaha

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We love your voice acting for Uncle Pea. Exactly what we thought he would sound like hahaha

Thank you for the wonderful remarks :) 
Stay chirpy!