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Hi! I'll try to implement key rebinds in the next update, although I can't promise when exactly that will be happening, since this game is not in active development anymore. :/

Meanwhile, in case you're playing solo; you can also play using only arrow keys and switching between the two minotaurs using spacebar.

Hi, thanks for reporting this and sorry about the error!

Could you try installing this driver and let me know if that fixed the problem?:


Hi! That's an interesting question. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how handles this.
There should still be keys available for the game, but I don't know if they are still claimable upon purchase since the game is free now.
Maybe give it a try? And if it doesn't give you a Steam key, let me know and I'll just personally send you one. :)

It's complicated, but the short version is that DYO has not been selling well enough to cover the costs and efforts needed to continue running our company, which is why we decided to officially dissolve Team DYO.

Since we still want people to have the opportunity to play the game, we are offering it for free in the future. Hopefully this means that a lot more people will get to play it, too!

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Glad you enjoyed it. Don't worry, the full game gets a lot more challenging!
The demo ends just before it starts getting really tricky. ;)

DYO comments · Replied to Amos in DYO comments

Glad to hear that. It's coming soon, promise! :)

We just want to incorporate some of the feedback from A MAZE before releasing the demo to everyone.