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I got stuck in the first level underneath the lowest platform. I could not jump or move.

It does not register my keyboard inputs at all. I cannot even press the first letter.

When I restart the first level after losing, it immediately makes me lose again. I cant play again. Also, the surfaces that are slanted are allowing the character to slip through.

Thanks! I was trying to adapt another simple homebrew system. I like a bit of crunch in my games, just enough to provide a structure for encounters. Reading other 200 word rpgs from different competitions, many of them seemed more like parlor games than proper tabletop fare. 

I'm glad you like the random generation table. I tried to think about what unique features make sci-fi planets memorable and drew from Faster Than Light and other videogames for inspiration. 

The rules never said anything about originality. I'm sorry you didn't like it.

The way that the rules read I meant it to be that the  players have to find all six items .  That's why  there is the line about re-rolling if necessary . For shorter play sessions  the GM could determine  that  three might be enough , depending on which three. I'm curious, what about the table was difficult to read?

Thanks for the feedback! My goal was not to create an expansive setting but rather to create a solid and easy to follow rule set that would facilitate role-play. The word count did make me have to shorten or combine sentences which made reading a bit more difficult. Conjunctions add up fast! If people wanted, I could probably make it clearer in 300 to 500 words. A mini rpg perhaps?

After tinkering around a bit, it seems like DOES count special characters, unlike the counter on the 200 Word RPG website. So no ASCII art for me.

I would like to use ASCII art in my entry for titles and tables. Does this operate under the same rules as the 200 word RPG contest, where special characters do not count as words?

I was not able to lunge at any enemy wolves without them lunging after me. It's too difficult.

Really fun game!

It might have been better to start out with fewer swords.

Even just resetting the game instead of quitting after 100 enemies would have been better. Nice visuals though!

Nice avoidance type game.  However, you forgot to restrict the player's movement to inside the play area, meaning you can hide off screen.

Thank you! I really admire how arcade and old cartridge based games used tricks to save space, and I figured if they could do it with 4,000 bytes, I could do it in 100 lines of code.

Thank you! Pac-Man was certainly an inspiration. I'm a bit surprised myself at how good the AI turned out. I was originally going to use game maker's built-in path finding, but couldn't quite figure out a solution I was comfortable with, so I wrote my own "path finding" in around 20 lines. They get stuck, but they're still hard to evade.

I like writing music for gamejams. It allows me to exercise what I learned in a music theory class years ago.

Great music! I love a game with a female protagonist.

Very cool mechanic! Nice homage to VVVVV.

Do all sounds/sprites have to be created during the jam or may we use public domain sounds and images?