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I found this extremely inspiring! It has a distinct flavor but could be applied to a lot of different settings. Despite being short, it is very dense with ideas. Great job!

Great, thank you! I look forward to reading through it!

I'm trying to buy just the digital version using the "buy now - name your own price" button at the top of the page, but it's saying that I need to spend $15 to get a physical copy with Canadian shipping. How do I just buy the digital version?

In that case I'll probably get a print copy of Issue 3 next time I splurge at Spear Witch / Exalted Funeral. Keep up the awesome work!

Great tables, as always, and a great looking zine overall! I'll pick up the print copy along with issue 4 when it is released!

Being in the point of view of a courier is a bit stressful for me; the time constraints, the vulnerability of being in a scooter in traffic, not knowing exactly where to go, etc. It just seems like a difficult and somewhat thankless job. The peaceful moments, the soundtrack, and the cute interface on the text bubbles helped counterbalance it though!

This was really interesting! Somehow both relaxing and stressful... It was a good way to get a glimpse into the challenging work of being a courier in Beijing, especially during the early days of COVID-19 lockdown uncertainty! Thanks for sharing this with the world!