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thankyou for playing my game you liked it i plan to fix this once the jam is finished 

the graphics are amazing well done i found the game to be kind of confusing  but once I found out what to do the game was fun and well developed 

thankyou for playing my game thanks for the feedback i will fix turn down the motion blur once the jam is finished and played and rated  your game :)

thankyou for playing my game and once the jam is over I will look into making the jumping feel not so clunky and the timeline HUD and timer at the start is an awesome idea played and rated your game :)

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the art is amazing but I found the game was kind of boring but maybe thats just me but other then that great job 

thankyou for playing my game and once the jam is finished i will sort this out and i  played and rated your game :)

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thankyou for the feedback played and rated :)

I found that the game was fun but also frustraing at time as I kept dying or maybe i am just bad at the game lol sound fits the game really well and the story is great :)

really cool and fun little game 

if you rate my game i will rate yours and just want to say a big congratulations to everyone who made a game in this game its so cool to see so many great games

thankyou for playing my game glad you liked it once the jam is over im going to try and fix this issue

This game sounds fun to play great work so far look forward to seeing this process further

yeah after the jam ends im planning to develop this further with more levels and more detailed art and stuff 

thanks for checking out my game the objective is the run over all of the people i did have some ui showing this but i disabled it while developing the level and forgot to enable it again before the jam ended 

ShopDown is a short little project I worked on during Quarantine.  You play as a person who has being Quarantined while their is a lockdown going on. You need shopping so you head to the shop after hours so you dont get fined or put in prison for being outside. But when you get there you find guards patrolling the premises.

Link to ShopDown

just released my first game you are a cube and you have to avoid obstacles 

Go check it out

glad you liked it :)

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you need to create a project first once done that submit your game