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thank you i did find out it was my virus protection

I just put my games to public again I think I fixed I was wondering if you could test the download for me 

they all merged together when i extracted the zip 

so the webGL works but the download is the only thing that dose not work when you try to play it

it keeps showing me this when i try to start the application

So I had just published to games and I just tested the download and it downloads the zip and everything but when u try to start the application it says you do not have permission to use it if it helps the game engine I used is unity

Thank you

you should do tutorials

its super fu

I Love this game

I have a quick question how do you get the stuff to be neon i've been trying for a long time and I cant figure it out 

I think its a really cool game and it is worth the hard work Good job👍

how many people think i should do more levels or endless mode choose wisely and someone speed run 

This Game is so fun its very endless amounts of fun