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Josh Kitchen

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This is probably the best puzzle game i've played in ages!

I really hope that more is done with this :)

I wasn't using the browser version, so I doubt that's the problem :)

Windows :)

I think this might become my go-to map tool... It's just so easy to make a good looking map quickly! :)

Unfortunatly, I can't get my map to export - the 'save as' window appears, I give it a name, and hit save, but when opening the same folder later, it's empty... :/

This is pretty cool! Is there any chance of you adding in-game music/sound settings?

It would be cool if there was a way to play against an AI :p

Unfortunatly, I couldn't get into a game :/

It was in singleplayer :)

I was playing for a while and suddenly it just got stuck... Animations still played and I could still select units & buildings and move the map around, but units stoped moving and responding to instructions.

I really can't wait for some new content for this - boats maybe...?

Simple, small game I made one morning. Click the squares as quickly as possible! Compete against you're friends, or try and beat my best score of 51! Gain a point for each successful click, but lose one if you miss.

Click Here To Download For Free!

This is the first game I've made & published and despite the fact it's very simplistic, I really like it :)

Please tell me if you encounter any problems:

Twitter: @josh_kit_games