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Josh Crafts

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Forgot to share my   playthrough (not like anyone asked lol)

This is game is all what I expected it to be! Fire so far.

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Incredible work for a game that runs in BROWSER and from an indie developer! Shows that you don't need a lot to create greatness! Amazing and inspiring work Rib. This game SLAPS! (my video comes out later today my bad y'all!)

This gave me Andy's Apple Farm vibes.. 

This is solid, love the artstyle & game mechanics. It reminds me of the older horror indie games.

Dope concept, love the moral points of the game, just wished they expanded the length of this a little more! 

Intriguing concept for a game like this! Enjoying it so far. 

Not bad. Definitely feel like this could be something better if y'all continued this.


These Kids on Fentanyl

This the last part to the game, ending took my ankles! 

Y'all Don't Know How to Drink Water. 


L Protagonist.



This game was fire! Can't wait for the official release!

Homie wanted booty meat all along smh.. 

Homeboy really look like a testi- You know what? Not here. 

Beats by Jamal, I'm Sick 🤢

My dump truck really bigger than hers. That's crazy. 

Long story short: Don't be smashing Yandere hoes.

The fish really put me in a pack. That's crazy.

Not bad for a Horror Game, definitely needs some developing work on the game & story, overall interesting concept 

Apple Pie is Overrated. Let's talk about it.

*creepy game, good for a horror game.

Good start for an amazing story, dope playthrough

She was a little freak 

The beds had boners!!! 

Dude this game got my booty clenching lmao 

Dope concept, wished it more developed but still dope bruh!

Boomer Maria finna catch these Gen Z hands 

Dope game so far! Lot of reading but very interesting concept! Looks like an RPG too?!

These Pumpkin homies betta not get PUT in a pack CUZ I KNOW A GOOD PUMPKIN RECIPE - This a dope game so far! Hopefully it gets better!

This game got Puppet Combo energy! I love it!

My malwarebytes detected the game.exe as Malware.sandbox?

This game is GAS so far! Love the Corpse Party vibes! 


Angela He a different breed bruh. Dope concept, wished it was longer. 

Then I got some bleach to be drinkin- I mean! Fire game bruh! Enjoyed it. 

People are sleeping indie games bruh because this hoe was fire!