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Warp Dogs

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There is still that limit. I've heard a few complaints so I may relax it in the future, but I can't go giving it all away yet!!

Coming later this year ~~


Aww, thank you so much!!

I plan on making a more updated demo available soon. Perhaps by June? Trust me, you wouldn't want the older demos... the game has come a long way.

I'll make a post once it's available <3

You're about to make me cry. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words! Although I know it can be a double-edged sword being inspired by another game... whenever it happens to me I have to fight off the urge to add in some major new feature from the game I liked into my own

Huh, haven't seen that happen before. Seems both Windows and Linux were set as hidden. Whoops!

It should be up now, though. Sorry about that

Yes, absolutely! In order to build a Mac version I need a Mac myself, and that's not in the cards right now. But soon!

!!! That's so rad! Hit me up over Twitter and I'll give you a retweet


I'm here 'til the end, baby! Thanks for the encouragement

Hah, thanks, buddy! Hope I can continue to impress. Glad to have you following!

Unrelated, but I seriously forget to hit "Submit" on some form or email at least once a day. I alt tab too much!

The new version (coming out in on the 9th) will have actual explanations for the controls! Yeah, the current version really does make you guess at them