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José (Joser) Gala Naranjo

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Aaaah, ¡¡te contesto por MD de Twitter para no hacer spoiler!!

Increíble, me lo he pasado cinco veces ya.

Sonrisa de oreja a oreja mientras jugaba. <3

Me quedó claro, gracias.

Muy chula esta vaina interactiva.

Me encanta cómo el texto es lento para dar más inri a la narrativa, buen trabajo.::)

La música, el motivo, el píxel. Todo chulísimo, enhorabuena.

I loved it! The game doesn't let you think twice, you have to think fast! And the art style and the music! Terrific. Some bugs: when you lose, the cursor disappears and, I think, if you click more than once in the same perk, the game will hang the next round (enemies won't appear).

I love the idea and the execution! The art doesn't fall behind, great job!

It's great to know about the development of the game!

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I loved the art style and the music, it makes a great atmosphere!

Buena música y buena historia en la que tú decides cuál es la verdad, ¡muy pulido!

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¡Muchísimas gracias, Hextsui, por tan detallada reseña!

El primer salto está así puesto justo por eso, para aprender cuántos tiles puedes saltar de una vez. Echaremos un vistazo a lo de las vidas y el selector. De nuevo, ¡muchas gracias! Tanto por jugarlo como por el comentario. 🥰

Awesome! I just tried them out. :) Also, the UI does not fit well the screen, consider taking a look at it!

Great! I need more leveeels! Right now I can only play two of them and when the third one triggers will go to the fourth one I think.

I really like puzzle games for game jams. The ambience and the game over animation were awesome!

Great job! Sadly I couldn't complete the last level but I had a lot of fun with it!

I really liked the shovel animation!

Great art! I liked a lot blowing up the Donau warehouse :))

I really loved the idea. Now I want a poster like the one in the bedroom!

I loved screaming at my microphone. 10/10, I would wake up my flatmates again.

This hit hard. Awesome game!

I loved the art style! The sheep were too cute.

The music was a key part for me to keep playing. The mechanic is pretty fun but I think there are collider issues. Pretty enjoyable!

I loved the music and pixel art. Also, the programming since I would say it's procedural so it has its work behind. Great job!

Aaaah, I absolutely loved this! Too cute, got me smiling fot the entire game!

Ooh, okay, I was trying to do it with the keyboard because of seeing the first option selected. Thank you!

I always enjoy a little puzzle game and I'm glad you put a rewind button in the game.

I cannot seem to understand how to start the game!

Nice little game! I loved the messages of the minions. The thing that bothered me the most was the size of the character's collider, I think it is too big?

Little atmospheric adventure about finding your better half.

It features a strong post-processing and beautiful music by Freeve to make the player feel the experience. It was originally delivered as a University assignment.

I hope you have a great time in this adventure that should not take you more than five minutes.

Awesome game, loved the art style and voice acting!

Great mechanic and great story: Awesome job! Loved it.

Se nota que hay muchísimo trabajo detrás de este proyecto, el feeling que consigue juntando el sonido, el arte y las mecánicas es simplemente brillante. Enhorabuena, ¡y espero no estar encerrado nunca con una IA así!

¡Muchas gracias! Tanto por haberlo jugado, probado a consciencia y haber dedicado tiempo a dejar una opinión tan detallada. Las rocas siempre caerán hacia abajo, y si tiene otra roca debajo y el suficiente espacio a los lados, resbalará hacia uno de estos. Si en algún momento retomamos el proyecto, nos aseguraremos de tener en cuenta las consideraciones que mencionas. ¡Gracias de nuevo!

¡Madre mía yo no consigo tanto! Me quedo en 20 segundos hshshws

This drew a smile on my face. :)

¡Me ha encantado! Estoy sin palabras.

Thanks for this.

What a game!