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Thanks so much for adding this! Hope that the patreon does well.

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Hi, i experimented a bit with sprytile and it seems like the 'standard' use case (unfiltered, unmipmapped pixel art) is fairly complicated to set up. In order to get good, seamless tiling results, I need to create a tilemap with 1 pixel of padding around all of my tiles, and configure sprytile to pad one pixel in to prevent bleeding. 

If I was creating this script myself, or working in another editor, my most likely solution would be to create my pixel art with no padding, and then pad 0.01 in x and y, imperceptibly shrinking my outermost pixel but not requiring an elaborate (for the 3d beginners I might have work with me) or brittle (when re-configuring tilemaps, or changing resolution, or etc) workflow involving manual padding in textures. 

This seems like it ought to be a rather trivial fix, either as a change to the existing padding UI or as an additional tickbox to apply a uniform subpixel padding to every uv island. 

Is this feature in development, or should I look into writing a script to solve this problem without sprytile?