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Super fun! I just had to binge it until I made it to level 12 haha.

Thank you for this fun game! <3

Greetings yall!

I'm pretty much done with the game now, I worked really hard! Whew. It was my first Roguelike/ite so I started off by just following a tutorial on how to randomly generate a level with walls and what not, and then pondered on how to take it from there.

I think it turned out pretty neat, hope you'll think so too! <3

I would reduce their vision range *just a bit*, so that you still have to react/adapt quickly, but not that it feels like you didn't even see them and they're already after you haha.

Thank youuu! :) Glad you liked it.

Yeah, the aesthetic is often the strong point in my games, the game design is definitely a challenge every time.

Neat neat neat!

I wish there was a goal/end of game to keep the player motivated.

Also I felt like the NPCs sort of just popped on screen too quickly for me to react often. I got better though so I guess I was just bad before haha. Or maybe I got lucky afterwards.
Anyway, good work, congrats!

Nice game! Like like the art! It's too bad there's only one level :( feels like content was created to allow for more.

Nice, sweet little game! Well done!

OHH IT'S A SNOWMAN! I THOUGHT IT WAS LIKE A DUCK or something with its little legs!

Either way the character is soo kaouuute. <3

Neat! The menu screen has a great mood to it haha.

The controls felt really really clean too. :O

I just love the vibe! The teddies are super cute and the music is really good!

Hey I did it too! Haha. It's like really early on when you start the game there's not much going on and you can make it there.

Just making big waves when the level is almost cleared is so pleasant haha.

Love it, well done! I think it plays out really clean, and the decision making is exciting!

Fun game, neat idea :) as mentioned by others yeah there's this little bug, sometimes it would unstuck, sometimes I got stucked forever </3

Yeah same. :(

Had to reboot the game a couple of times but I beat i!

I think it's really neat! It gets pretty easy when you brute force it like Thoof mentionned, I think maybe you should reset the board whenever you 'die'?

I want to love this but I'm confused by this game. T__T

When I think of a downwards bomberman where you shape your environment in order to fight mobs, it sounds super cool.

But when playing it I just feel confused. It took me some time to understand where the enemies came from, and when I did I wasn't really sure what to do about it (they randomly spawn from destroyed blocks right?). Sometimes I'm trying to fight a serpent and they just randomly spawn under me. ÒwÒ

I feel like if the basic enemies had a special looking block that spawned them, you could at least plan ahead more and approach it with a clearer intention.

I don't know, essentially, it's like, I feel like I'm not doing well but I don't have any clue on how to improve. And when I die it takes foreeeeeever to get back to where I was, esp considering the first level is basically empty.

I wondered if I was just too bad at the game, but quickly looking through let's plays on youtube people seem to struggle in the same way.

I think the core idea is super dope, the bombs are satisfying the sounds are nice the graphics are great, which is why I want to write all this to try and see if I'm not playing the game correctly to enjoy it.


Hi! Just wanted to say I had fun playing through it :)

I started a second playthrough with Ivy which IMO should be the only character hahaha.

Good work, esp impressive in such a short period. :)

Ah the lab was wayyyy too easy thoo.