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Cool idea! Very cool that you streamed!

Very cute game! The world looks amazing! 

Awesome game, I like the art style and the idea is great.

Realy cool art! But I miss the cheque after I did all my chores in the office!

Cool game. But its missing a little feedback when I pick up a book or when i learning at the table.

I really like your game. I like the idea that you need wasd and arrow keys. But I didn't understand lvl 4. What does it mean to hold space?

I did manage to kill some monsters and destroy some stones, but I didn't get the idea what to do. I like the art style and the atmosphere, but the controller input was very clunky.

Cool game! I was a little overwhelmed at first, but the second round was a lot better ;)

Very good idea. I really like the atmosphere!

Hey current highscore from the developers is 1930 points. Can someone top it?

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Funny little game, I like the leveldesign, they were pretty hard! But how was the theme implemented?

hey, played it trough, cool platformer and nice level design, but the intro video is not working for me