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Nothing that out of the ordinary. Playing as a male protagonist, in Act 1 of the game, I wanted to marry one of the male slaves I'd had for a while. I tried to propose through the normal dating option, but "points out that it's not possible to marry someone of the same sex in current customs." It does occur to me that it may only be possible later, but I assumed that this is a Watsonian reason for a Doylist restriction.

Not saying it's like a huge issue or anything, but like is there a specific obvious reason it's not allowed, and I'm just stupid? Or is it just waiting for writing/coding?

Usually I'm disappointed in most adult games, especially the fetish based ones, because they're too misogynistic, homophobic, and/or just generally nasty about things, like having a lack of consent, but this one's surpassed all of my expectations, and made me actually fully enjoy the game. Consent and care is sexy y'all. Thanks for the great game!

I've had a similar problem, and I'm like 80% sure it's because the game is running a 32-bit program, but Mac only supports 64-bit programs now.

Alright, thanks anyway! I'll keep looking. I  didn't see anything the first time around, but I'll keep looking.

what is the password for the spirit in the locked room?

First off, a tip to those who are stuck: Climb around the tower to find a place out of the sun. Second, this is one of the hardest, but most rewarding games I've ever played. It took me 3 hours, but I enjoyed every second of it, even though all I was doing was climbing.

I can't run the game on the Mac build. I tried both from the site, and the downloader. My current specs are below:

  • OS: Big Sur 11.1
  • Processor: 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Hey, so I'm stuck near the beginning. I just got the keycard from the wolf, but for some reason not a single one of the doors will open with it that weren't open already. Did I just miss a door, or should the door be fairly obvious?

I was about to say that your browser version has frame drops, but you guys clearly know the issue already, so good job! Though it still would be nice if you can fix it, thanks!