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Congrats on having the most fun game of the jam! And the second best overall!

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Congrats on having the most original game of the jam!

Good news!

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Congrats on being the top rated game in the jam! Best presented too, it seems.

EDIT: Having now played it, I could easily see this being a complete game. There are so many ways this could be expanded. More actions, such as jumping, firing a gun (so you can hit distant enemies), or activating a switch (think the on-off blocks in Super Mario Maker); more stage elements, such as enemies with more life, ground tiles that crumble, ice blocks that you slide on, or teleporters; or many other things I can't think of now.

It reminds me a little of Baba Is You. Not quite so brain-bending, but still a tile based puzzle game where you have to plan out your movement carefully. And that started life as a Nordic Game Jam game, so...

I think it needs some audio. Also, because there is no randomness in where the apples fall and where the seed shoot, if you just stand still, you can't lose.

Also, it loaded full screen with no way to close it. I had to ALT-F4 it to escape.

An interesting idea, but a bit lacking.

I don't get what AutoMods do...

Non, il est disponible en français (et plusieurs autres langues). Regardez "More information".