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I appreciate your feedback Reeds, thanks. It would be great if you will play my game once more, I added some rules and implemented new stuff. Let me hear your high score buddy :)

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Hey dk5000p, I am very happy that you liked the flame thing that i made :) Speaking of the time that bombs takes to fall, I'm now tweaking it and I hope you come back to play this again. I'll add some new mechanics too. Expect me to update you on discord :) Again,thanks for playing my #2ndGameJam game.

Thanks for the time you spared to play my game. I'm well aware that there's a lot of things to be done and i'm currently studying about particles in unity (and other thing to make the game better). Every feedback is a great help. Thanks again :)

Thank you so much for this great feedback and jam experience as a whole.  :)