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Heyhey, I remember playing your previous game during
It was fun, but this is something else entirely.
Thank you for this lovely experience :)

Very beautiful game and a really cool premise, but the gameplay is wonky and repetitive. In order to prevent the player from simply staying in the center where all the enemies gather the body blocks your sword and movement, but the boundaries are vague and enemies move way too fast. If instead there would be a large circle around your body where you cannot move but can swing your sword, and enemies would move away slowly after taking a piece from the body, it would perhaps be a lot more engaging.
It's amazing that this was made in just two days, but it is not fun to play.

This looks absolutely gorgeous!
As such, it pains me to say that it is also hardly playable. Placing and moving over the rope is finicky, and the grass, while cool, is constantly in your face and also misleading you when judging heights.
After playing for an hour I was only able to get two diamonds, and after exploring as much as I could I have no idea how to get enough for the next upgrade.
I think that you need to put the blue balls in the white containers, but so far I've been unable to do so.
I would love to play a version of this game that addresses these issues, and as the art shows you are clearly skilled, I will definitely check out the other games by you guys.

5 Step Steve is my favorite puzzle game, so it's great to see a sequel.
While more complex, it is also less difficult and shorter, with more harder side content.
While I think that 5 Step Steve could drag on, I find the opposite here. Some levels could definitely be longer to flesh out their mechanic, and I often find that I beat a puzzle not through understanding but through trial and error. While the stars do not have this issue, they also require knowledge of the game that can easily be missed.
Nonetheless, it is still an amazing game!

Lot's of fun, it's great that you can play both solo & coop.
My only complaints are that it is rather easy, and that the game doesn't make clear how to separate (the letters in the background are easy to miss).

Awesome, good to hear.

What you describe is exactly the experience we were going for :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

The purple & yellow are quite unique so we would like to keep them, though if more people report the problem we may need to change them.

Tomorrow I may have some time to check out your game :) though no promises.

I really love the concept, and stumbling my way back in the darkness with a monster on my heels is an enjoyable experience no game has ever offered me before. It works surprisingly well for something that relies entirely on your memory (until you took a few turns).

Unfortunately, it also has many issues that make the game hardly playable. It's especially a shame that the screen is zoomed in way too much, as it currently makes it hard to remember the level layout and easy to get hit by water out of nowhere. Also, while I like that the fires dims out over time, you are quickly left seeing practically nothing until you visit a bonfire again (normal torches hardly help, and also dim your personal torch when lit). It also took me several tries before I realized there was a crucial bonfire near the start, and even more tries before I died (I really wish it would happen sooner or there was a reset button).

The mouse controls are also unnecessary, as you could just make things light on fire when you touch them.

In short, with a few simple changes I think you've got something special here. Perhaps not commercially viable, but great for raising a following on a webportal like Newgrounds or Kongregate. If you want more feedback, just ask :)

Thanks, good to know :)

That's definitely the main thing I am itching to change, especially now so many players agreed.

Glad you liked it :)
I agree that it needs polish, but could you specify what stood out to you as unpolished?
Then we can learn from it.


Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Thank you for your honest opinion.
Unfortunately both issues were caused by running out of time, if we ever release the game elsewhere we will definitely try to fix this.

Thanks :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

If we decide to release it elsewhere we'll probably make the shooting a bit more intuitive.

Thanks, those are some legitimate points.
Unfortunately it's against the spirit of the game jam to update it, but if we ever release it elsewhere they should be quick fixes.

Thanks :)

Glad you liked it :)
We worked hard on making the AI feel competent, though it probably worked too well.