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Thank you for playing! The camera angle was definitely something we want to work on more after the week ended as there were so many issues with it and the split screen we had to make compromises! But it's definitely something to look into. And I totally get what you mean by the dodge gameplay, we really want to explore further on the second half of the game and see what we can do with that. 

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Thank you for playing! We'll definitely look into tweaking things in the future.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I had another friend play it and he managed to find a spot where they don't spawn at all/ don't move towards so he was safe the entire time. We'll have to look into this I guess hahaha. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! It seems that many people are having difficulties with the ghost side so adjustments will be considered in the future, thanks for the feedback!

Super cute game! It's challenging yet gratifying at the same time. I adore the two characters and the simplicity of it all. Visually it looks amazing and I like how fluffy and soft everything looks, it's be interesting to see what it could potentially look like without the limitation although it definitely doesn't need it. Mechanics and concept are both really cool and the progression of difficulty that increases with the introduction of new obstacles is very well done. If you guys decide to continue working on this, I would really like to see what you all come up with next in terms of level design and new obstacles and mechanics. Excited to see what's to come next from you all! 

I told my friend to play this and watched him play because I knew I wouldn't be good at this type of game. I looks incredible! I love the vibes and the game feel was amazing, I could feel the impact of every movement even though I wasn't the one playing. I really like how chaotic it is and it has potential to be so much more even though it seems so polished now. My friend said that the movement was really smooth and intuitive and he was able to pick it up right away and play at a really fast pace. I can imagine it'd be a game many people would pick up to master and speedrun. 

Again, amazing work!! Extremely keen to see more!

Thank you so much! Yes, we've only just discovered the framerate issues only after publishing and submitting to the Game Jam since  we didn't have time to properly playtest it and every test we did ourselves was just done quickly. We were told a way on how to fix it though so hopefully we can reupload a second build that runs better in the near future! Thank you so much for playing!

That makes me so happy to hear! I'm currently on my last semester and final year of uni so i'm a bit held up with assignments but I will definitely consider revisiting this project!! Thank you :-))

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It didn't crash, it exits the game! :)

Thank you so much for playing! :)

Thank you so much for playing! Sorry for the delayed response!! 

I didn't really have plans initially to expand more on this story/ game. I wanted to make something that ended really ambiguously and was open for me to add onto it in the future if i ever decided to. But I love how other people interpret it and draw their own ideas from it :) 

I would love to continue with building from this game but I feel like it will be a little further into the future. Again, thanks for playing and I love your video!!

Ahh!! Thank you so much for playing :))

I love all of these videos!! I really appreciate the feedback and responses to the game and I'm very happy you enjoyed it. If I get a good response from people and they want to see more then I'd be more than happy to make more content! I have so muc going in my head for the story but it's just a lot of work to do on my own!!

Thank you so much for playing!! It means a lot. ❤️❤️

This means so much!! Thank you for playing <33

Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for playing!! This made my day 😭

Thank you so much for playing!!