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level 3 is doing me a bamboozle

m a y b e ?

Oh thanks

oh ok

Uhhhhhhhhhh I'm confused was this answered and I'm just not seeing the

Oh my god 

After all these years (actually more like months)

I've finally found it

Thank you, kind soul

I have fulfilled my quest or something

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When a game is downloaded onto my pc, how do i delete the game (nothing else, just my pc)

Also, what i mean by game file is this: 

And, yes, I know it's a screenshot so don't even ask about it also it's an example, so therefore I will tell you that it is for a different game, and not the one right here. This screenshot is for a different game, and not for the one I'm trying to delete from my pc or whatever

What button do I press to open a door I need Pokeballs from the store help

don't you just love when that happens

I mean really cuz it deleted mine on mobile too so yeah uh

there goes all my progress (which wasn't even much but still good progress)

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Hey Florian keep up the good work

he dance

oh uh

what do i need to unlock the park pod


other buildings

I'm confoozed

Oh yeah there's this strategy I made for when I make a RMW (random mini worlds) that basically when I start it up I have a little more materials (most of it is for getting spare machine parts). I have a screen recording of it btw but this is how to do it:

1. place a workshop anywhere

2. upgrade the thing until you cant anymore

3. find and destroy all (or any amount you want it doesn't matter tbh) of the landing pads

4. you now have more materials


i mean like

how do i unlock it

what do i need to do to unlock it

also herei is a save file i found that someone put in their yt video description


can you give me =the link for this file or the file itself so i can

a. have it just cuz

b. have it to just look around at it

how do u get the park pod I have it on mobile but I cant remember how I got kt help