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Jon Tiburzi

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Thanks Omar, your words mean a lot :)

Made in GameMaker: Studio. The shader shifts colors based on proximity to light sources :)

Thanks for including it in your video! Glad you liked it :)

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for playing! Your video made me laugh XD

Great multiplayer dynamics and smooth gameplay! A cute and intuitive mechanic that leads to some funny moments :)

Loved how the characters developed over the course of the game. Very good writing -- the students had fun personalities and intriguing backstories that encouraged me to play multiple times. Zoe's commentary on school was particularly thought-provoking :)

Hello everyone! I've loved reading your suggestions and comments.

@liquidstreak Thank you very much!

@Eendhoorn @Auroriax (Tom H.) Thanks for your input. I agree that the keyboard inputs are a bit awkward. This will be adjusted in a post-jam update! Gamepad support may be nice too.

@Random-StoryKeeper I read your review and was thrilled! Thank you so much for your analysis and kind words :)

@Celia Thanks for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed playing ^_^

Thanks everyone for the positive comments!

@Sean @Ourson I am continuing to work on the game, and atmospheric sfx / music is on the list of updates!

@Midipixel Thank you very much!

@CarlsonAndPeeters Find the graveyards and press 'down' as a ghost to enter the graves :)

Great palette choices and pixel art & tileset. Love how the characters can switch abilities, but only when in proximity! It creates a real strong relationship between them :)

I agree that it would be an awesome game to play link-style between two gameboys. Very well done!