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Sector is a platformer/Metroidvania game, ( still in development ).

The demo contains a small section of the game, to give the players an examlpe of how the shooting will play and certain AI enemies will react to the player.

Download at

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1 of the 4 winners of the GameMaker competition Space Jam.

Fast and busting with mechanics, huge bosses and lots of different levels. This one puts you in a jet fighter shooting rocks, collecting money to buy upgrades and equip new parts resulting in a very powerful combination of weapons and booster. The bosses are huge and are a great addition at the end of a level.

Download at

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A Mod made with edited snk/neo geo characters

It contains about 15 playable characters apart from main characters once you complete the game

More than 30 hours of gameplay with diferent stages bosses and animated gifs movies that will take throw the story

Free to play and easy to edit the game to your like: 

Download at

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Yes, but you can costumize the player with diferent clothes :D :D

Good pixel art, everything is in the right place