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Thank you :D

Hey! I used your asset pack in my game, Dino Dash. Here's the link if you wanna check it out. Thanks :D

I meant informative tip, not money tip lol

This is my second tileset. It features 2 trees, water, grass, and obviously ground tiles.

Hope you like it :D

Thank you :D

I am still learning, thanks for the tip :)

My first ever tileset. Period!

Hope ya like it :D

The title describes this game really well.

Its pong... but its better. Aka: Supa

I made this game in a couple hours. I hope ya'll like it :D

Here's the link to the game:

and here's a link to my website:

I present to you: DINO DASH!

*woohoo* *yay* *yeehaw*

Dino Dash is a better version of the Google Chrome Dino Run game. It features different biomes and weather. You can play it here:

and you can find my website here:

What size are the assets? They look amazing btw! Great work :D