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Sorry to hear that, you need to explore around the area to find different types of stone, if you go north you can find another type of stone. C elements come in small doses from random rocks :)

Hope you figure it out and thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Fun idea for a game, the aesthetics are really nice :)

Cool concept, just needs some more depth to feel more awesome :P

Pretty darn cool, spikes are hard to notice tho! I like it :)

Cool little game! Would have liked some more progression but it's still fun to test out recipes

Very good idea, works better than expected, good job on balancing it!

Really good idea! It was fun/weird to figure out the mechanics and what to do. I think what would elevate the game to the next level would be to update the ui and controls to be more user friendly and easy to use. Because the gameplay is already great and I don't think it needs to change.

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Really cool idea! Even though it has some quirks it really makes you think, though it would be nice to have the qhost in the middle of the screen since the level often is around the player and not above it :P It was fun to play it! :)

Ahh yes, it's not the most realistic game on the chemical aspects. Thank you for playing! :)

This game... World* was really exciting to explore, great job for making it! The character is on point and the atmosphere is set perfectly.

Takes a bit to get used to but works well and you can learn from it hahah! I'm not sure why but my score decreased randomly 🤔

Thank you a lot for playing! And yeah, it's pretty much impossible to play with a non-qwerty keyboard :P

Yes I might need to work a bit on the realism and difficulty curve lol. Thx for playing!

Thanks a lot for playing, glad you liked it! :D

Heheh, my last game jam was also the GMTK, it's gonna be nice to start working on a new game jam :)

Sorry about that, we had another version with the tutorial. But you have to use the left and right click on the mouse to control it. Thank you for playing! :)

Really cute game!
I like how every time you restart the colours randomly generate and the inventory system is solid. Once you start to get the game it becomes pretty fun to figure stuff out, though some visual or audio feedback for when you did something right or some more guidance would be appreciated. Also full screen please! :)

Really cool game! It's actually quite fun. Though the gameplay is really good, there wasn't a big and amazing purpose to continue playing. The quests could have been to upgrade your outpost for example, get some more visual going :P

But in the end i still liked it very much!

Glad you had fun! :)
Yes looking back at it the difficulty is more suited for the developer than the player unfortunately. There wasn't time to implement an ending level so the game kept adding levels in the level select, hence it crashed when it found no new level.  There might be a bug when selecting next level then, but it is the intended order (altough it could have been more thought out), some levels are just too hard. And multiplayer is a really good idea.

Thank you very much for your comment! I hope you enjoyed playing it :)


Thank you very much! :)


Thank you! :)

Well... That was interesting. Fun mechanics, almost feels like a twin-stick shooter with one stick lol I noticed that the game became more and more laggy after a few houndred points and the enemies stopped appearing. It might have been better to make one refined level than one endless level, though that's up to you ;). And holy hell, the bass was loud, in a somewhat good way.. :thinking: Good job! :)

The game has now been updated with autosave pausing and a bit of other stuff also. But the performance is worse than last time :) I hope it still works on mac

Yup, i dont use unity, i uae clickteam fusion 2.5 :p i dont know if i can fix it then 🤔 sure ill add autosave of some kind and a few more levels 😈 i really appreciate Your feedback!

thank you for the feedback! Ill upload the .exe file soon (wich means that it wont lag). And then make thr keys rebindable if i know how to heheh. I might also try to do controller support! Again, thank you for nearly finishing my game lol :)

@dijam it's still your job to find the right music :P

Thx ^^

It's meant to be more story driven, you get defeated by a big boss with a lazer. Then you upgrade your stuff and defeat the boss. Thank you for your comment :P - Jonas

@everyone its fixed now, sorry about that!

Pffff, i din't upload the wrong build at all

umm, where are you in the game? What did you do? lol

Thank you for the nice comment! It means a lot, well i would have done more for content and graphics but unfortunately i didn't really have time to make a "game".

Heheh, the soundtrack was made 30 minutes before the game had to be uploaded and the game itself was made in a small hour. Glad you enjoyed it though!

- Jonas :)