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Really cute game!
I like how every time you restart the colours randomly generate and the inventory system is solid. Once you start to get the game it becomes pretty fun to figure stuff out, though some visual or audio feedback for when you did something right or some more guidance would be appreciated. Also full screen please! :)

Really cool game! It's actually quite fun. Though the gameplay is really good, there wasn't a big and amazing purpose to continue playing. The quests could have been to upgrade your outpost for example, get some more visual going :P

But in the end i still liked it very much!

Glad you had fun! :)
Yes looking back at it the difficulty is more suited for the developer than the player unfortunately. There wasn't time to implement an ending level so the game kept adding levels in the level select, hence it crashed when it found no new level.  There might be a bug when selecting next level then, but it is the intended order (altough it could have been more thought out), some levels are just too hard. And multiplayer is a really good idea.

Thank you very much for your comment! I hope you enjoyed playing it :)


Thank you very much! :)


Thank you! :)

This is great! Though it would be nice if the music looped, you had a score so you could try to beat it and if the game got harder/faster over time. Feels polished, and the art style is cool!

Well... That was interesting. Fun mechanics, almost feels like a twin-stick shooter with one stick lol I noticed that the game became more and more laggy after a few houndred points and the enemies stopped appearing. It might have been better to make one refined level than one endless level, though that's up to you ;). And holy hell, the bass was loud, in a somewhat good way.. :thinking: Good job! :)

The game has now been updated with autosave pausing and a bit of other stuff also. But the performance is worse than last time :) I hope it still works on mac

Yup, i dont use unity, i uae clickteam fusion 2.5 :p i dont know if i can fix it then 🤔 sure ill add autosave of some kind and a few more levels 😈 i really appreciate Your feedback!

thank you for the feedback! Ill upload the .exe file soon (wich means that it wont lag). And then make thr keys rebindable if i know how to heheh. I might also try to do controller support! Again, thank you for nearly finishing my game lol :)

@dijam it's still your job to find the right music :P

Thx ^^

It's meant to be more story driven, you get defeated by a big boss with a lazer. Then you upgrade your stuff and defeat the boss. Thank you for your comment :P - Jonas

@everyone its fixed now, sorry about that!

Pffff, i din't upload the wrong build at all

umm, where are you in the game? What did you do? lol

Thank you for the nice comment! It means a lot, well i would have done more for content and graphics but unfortunately i didn't really have time to make a "game".

Heheh, the soundtrack was made 30 minutes before the game had to be uploaded and the game itself was made in a small hour. Glad you enjoyed it though!

- Jonas :)

Huh thought the upgrades worked, guess not lol.

Good idea on the desert!

Originally i wanted a lot more stuff in the game (like weapons, more types of planets, more types of creatures, space fights and so on) but you know itsa game jam so i ran out of time :P

Thank you for playing!

In the start i experimented a bit with shadows but it didn't look that good (the way i did it) and i wanted to experiment a bit with shaders, glad that you enjoyed it!

Glad that you liked it!

It's meant to be a pretty simple, good looking platformer where you can go to different "levels". There wasn't to much time to make the world more living. Though i wanted to add more to the background and more creatures.

Yeah sure, go ahead

Yes you can.

Yeah, you can do it solo, Han solo!

Okay :)

I don't wan't to act like an impatient child but since there is a limited time left for the sale on clickteam fusion + dlc on steam I would like to know when we get the prizes asap?

And one more question, would one be able to get an exporter like the android exporter instead of the standard clickteam fusion?

Thx for answering :)

Pretty amazing game for such a short time, deserved a higher rank than it got :)

This is pretty good, it has cool lighting effects, weird screaming sounds and even an anime bae. Now that's what i call quality!

The menu with the music and effects was amazing. Though it doesn't seem like there is a way to "finish" the game, would be nice if you added a counter so that you would have to complete the levels 10 times in a row to win :)

The music, the feel, the flash light effect and the spoopyness are top! The only problem i have is that  the battery on the flash light depletes too fast.

The menu, music and graphics are very awesome!! Though the gameplay felt a little off, might wan't to set the character to run a bit slower and shoot a bit faster. For the enemies would be nice with a short animation (could just be one frame) where they prepare to shoot.

Very cool! the concept is amazing the only downside there is, is that there's only 10 levels

Your game feels a lot more polished and refined though and i really like the menu!

This was pretty cool, loved the music and sound effects, though there where some textures that could have been polished a bit more :)

Thx :) Yeah you are right there should have been more polish and music would have helped the game a good bit more. I made the mistake of making too big of a goal for only 3 days. Glad you liked it I'm not sure if i will develop that much more content for this but we will have to see...