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Wow. I wasn't ready for the twist at the end. This story had me thinking. You managed to get a lot of story in such a small space. What a great job.

Respect for the our beasty bois. I really liked the beast worldbuilding.

This is some great work. I especially liked how you managed to balance the dialogue, action, and narration moment to moment, creating a vivid mental picture, just like a movie. Even great published authors forget to do this many times.

I look forward to reading more next time!

This was a fun idea. What a neat way to approach the theme head-on!

Thank you. Its been exciting pulling together this short “choose-your-own-adventure” campaign idea. I’m glad the writing was enough to tell a story while also leaving things open for play. Hopefully the whole thing will be just as satisfying! 

The narrative is mostly sorted. I was lucky what was in my head happened to match the writing jam. Now it’s mostly a matter of terrain, objectives, and buffs to work out!

That was a cool story. The world felt very real and lived in. I really enjoyed the sober quality of the story unfolding its setting within a setting. :0)

I loved this story! The parallel narrative device was very effective. That and I love me some lizard-folk. :0)

This was a fun story. I liked the banter. Too bad they ded now :(  Great model pictures and project theme!

This was a great little story. I felt the reflecting back pretty well. The universe felt full despite being one page. :0)

I liked it. The balance of narration, dialogue, and action was great and the magic was very creative and neat. :0)

I really enjoyed this story! :0) Bringing the main character alive makes me want One Page Rules to prioritize the rat-folk faction now.