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Jonah Pulsipher

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Oooh, I really like the look. Like gritty, over-exposed DOOM. 
For any other players, the game performance was 10x better in Firefox than when I tried in Chrome. Might be weird browser settings on my part, but worth hopping over if you're getting single-digit frame rates.

Everybody, pile on!

I had a mini-existential crisis when the game kept telling me I couldn't do anything until I had a pocket monster. It was an interesting head-space to be in. Was relieved when I found the large rat, but I imagine who I would have become without that.

I like that your life is measured in vans. Fun to try to find the 7 objects (though I admit I could only find 6.)

Far and away the most feverous submission. The game seemed to break for me on the 3rd riddle: 'shame that lives in your butt'. The camera switched to a new direction and my bullets only shot directly upwards. On reflection, I think it added to the experience. 

The letter with the erection will haunt me.

I like the art. The blue/white two color scheme was a good choice.

Fun, easy to pick up game. I like the capitalist conspiracy angle of this wizard destroying all oxygen just to move product.

Sometimes the shark spawns weren't fair, like when you would get a horizontal spawn you couldn't escape when traveling down.

Easy to pick up. Charming. Pleasantly weird as fuck.

I don't mean to embarrass you, and i know sometimes in the chaos of a game jam these things just slip by us, and it's okay, alright. I just have to tell you...

His head look like a butt.

This is a very clean, gripping visual design. You did the "hidden enemy" thing well; good work.

I love the lung man character design.

This is fun, and the art is great. Would be happy to play more.

Tolerably romantic.

Hubba hubba. So romantic!